Trump Has Fallen Into the Trap Set Up by the Nefarious CCP

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On October 20, 2021, former President Trump announced the birth of a new social media network called “Truth Social”, which is supposed to be available in February 2022. “Truth Social” will be created by a new company formed from the merger of TMTG (Trump Media Technology Group) and DWAG (Digital World Acquisition Group).

However, Miles’ broadcast on October 24 made it clear that the CCP’s crafty plan has successfully got former President Trump. It was carried out by Bruno Wu and Yang Lan under the CCP’s diabolical and sinister manipulation with ulterior motives.

There are mainly two purposes for the legerdemain by the CCP. First purpose is to prevent Trump from joining Gettr. The second purpose is to block Trump from being elected in 2024. The CCP knows that by joining Gettr, the Trump backed Republicans are sure to win in the mid-term election in 2022. Then he could become the Republican Speaker on the House at that point, taking the place of today’s Speaker Nancy Pelosi. He will then have huge influence and be a strong candidate to win the White House in 2024. If Trump becomes the president in 2024, Jason Miller, the current CEO of Gettr, who is a close Trump’s associate for the last 6 years, would likely be offered a cabinet seat in the new Trump administration.

No wonder Bruno Wu triumphantly reported to the CCP leaders that the first battle was successfully won! Trump was put under control. And Jason Miller’s removal from Gettr is in the future.

The stratagem started in July. The contract was signed on September 2, 2021, and Trump received $296 million. IPO was launched on October 18 at $9 per share with a total number of 1300 shares. Since its IPO, the number of transactions has soared to 10K shares, 40K shares, and eventually to 6 million shares and its market price once reached $174 per share, although its closing price dropped to $94 per share on October 23. The transactions are done among the 11 funds, 3 of them are American and the rest are all CCP Chinese funds. They bought and sold the shares among themselves, which caused the unprecedented severely abnormal fluctuations in the stock price within a short period of only 5 days. 

These facts will definitely lead to an SEC investigation. If the SEC finds insider trading and/or market manipulation, then Trump would be subject to criminal investigation. In this case, his eligibility for public office is at stake for the rest of his life. The result will be the same whether he holds 90% or 25% of the shares.

Trump is in dire situation because he has fallen into the trap set up by the nefarious CCP.

2021年10月24日 文贵大直播:与川普公司合并的SPAC公司DWAC背后的11家投资机构与中共的关系,这场交易是以共产党情报为背景进行的连环操作,涉嫌多项内幕交易和犯罪的惊天的计划,让川普总统处在极度危险之中;我们永远支持川普总统,呼吁全世界不要被共产党利用

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