Communist China Harshly Criticized by More Than 50 Delegations at Trade Policy Review

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On October 20, at the World Trade Organization’s eighth review of trade policy toward China, representatives of more than 50 delegations, including the United States, blasted China’s unfair trade policies and condemned the Communist Party for undermining the rules-based global trading system through its extensive use of industrial subsidies and other unfair practices. The Chinese delegates at the meeting all but denied the accusations.

Petros Mavridis, a legal advisor at the WTO, explained that the Chinese Communist Party has taken advantage of new areas that the WTO has failed to cover. Members are now increasingly aware that the crux of the problem is that the relevant WTO rules, as well as the accession protocols signed by China, are no longer sufficient to cover and resolve the trade disputes they face with China in the 21st century. According to professionals, in the 20 years since its accession to the WTO, the Chinese Communist Party has ignored the spirit of the WTO, which is based on free markets, and has trampled on the original rules of international trade and the agreements it has signed.

Reference: 中共国在世贸审议遭到50多个成员严厉抨击

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