An NBA Player Career is on Paused after COVID-19 Vaccine Injection

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The Expose reported on Oct. 19th that, the 26-year-old NBA player Brandon Goodwin developed blood clots after receiving the COVID-19 vaccine. The blood clots caused by the vaccine made Goodwin have to step out from this season in advance. However, the NBA warned him to stay quiet.

In a video posted on Twitch, video platform and community for gamers, Goodwin revealed that not long after he got the COVID-19 vaccination, he began to experience constant back pain. Goodwin added that he also often felt extremely tired during the games and never fully recovered from those symptoms.

His doctor diagnosed that all of Goodwin’s symptoms were caused by blood clots, and all of these happened within a month. Goodwin was very healthy before he got vaccinated, and he is certain that the vaccine ended his season.

Goodwin could have been a fantastic player for the Atlanta Hawks with a long-term contract, but now after getting the COVID vaccine, he has to take to blood-thinning medication. What’s more, he is not allowed to continue to play, even though he was denied to return to play after his health condition got better. He is still refused by his team to return to the game.

Mainstream media and business groups’ conduct of covering up and suppressing the danger of the vaccines is seen by more and more people. And they all will be brought to trial in the near future for what they did.  

Sources: NBA Player Who Suffered Blood Clots After Covid-19 Vaccine Said League Told Him to Stay Quiet
Ex Atlanta Hawks guard Brandon Goodwin finds new NBA home

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