Not knowing much about the Chinese Communist Party? Don’t worry, we will start you off with the ABCs

What do you know about the Chinese Communist Party or the CCP?  Chances are your answer will be “very little.”  For most people in the west who are just getting on with their everyday lives, the word CCP hardly means anything, nor does it seem particularly relevant.  Why should anyone care about some obscure political party in a country tucked thousands of miles away?  You may also have some Chinese immigrant friends who you find pleasant and exciting, and you think to yourself, whichever party that runs China can’t be too bad, right?  When you see crowds of Chinese waving the Communist China flag to welcome some high-ranking CCP officials, what do you feel?  You might assume these people are just patriots showing love for their political leaders.

Sadly, these innocent assumptions are dead wrong. Worse still, these assumptions of irrelevance or harmlessness may even be dangerous.  

In this series of articles, we will attempt to demystify the Chinese Communist Party.  We will debunk its lies and clarify common misconceptions.  We wish to give you a pair of glasses with a fair and truthful lens through which you will be able to see China the way a native Chinese sees it.  We will take you through the most critical aspects of the CCP, expose some of its biggest lies and why they matter to you, and help you unlearn the popular narratives which the CCP has been pushing for decades. 

The Chinese Communist Party has chosen to stay under the public radar screen in the west, despite being the actual owner and commander of the world’s 2nd largest economy.  Did you ever wonder why?  What if I tell you that obscurity is by design and probably with an insidious intent?

Within China, the CCP is this all-powerful, omnipresent organization that controls virtually every aspect of the life of the 1.4bn Chinese people.  It commands a degree of power and control over its people and its economy like no other political party in the world.  The closest comparable is probably Hitler’s Nazi Party and the Soviet Communist Party of the past and other modern-day wannabes such as Maduro, Fidel Castro, and Kim Jung Un.  But its power and cruelty will likely put all these comrades of the same ideology to shame.  And being the master of deception it is, the CCP often hides behind the façade of a government that mimics in many ways democratically elected governments in the west.

Let’s start by sharing some basic facts about the CCP.

First off, the Chinese Communist Party is the only political party in China.  The people do not elect it, nor does it permit any other political organization to exist, let alone challenge it.  The party essentially wrote the country’s Constitution, which enshrines its paramount role in the political system.  Since it came to power in 1949, the CCP has revised the Constitution half a dozen times to consolidate its power and to cover up its crimes against its people.

There are only 90 million CCP members, among a total population of 1.4 billion. No, the Chinese are NOT all communists!  Most of the 90 million have been recruited into the party because they wish to take jobs with the government or state-owned companies.  A small fraction goes on to fill the ranks of the CCP bureaucracy, but it’s just like a badge they have to wear to work for most of them.

The way the CCP runs its organization bears more resemblance to organized crime than modern political parties.  Ordinary members have no rights, but tons of constraints on their behavior and often have to pledge allegiance to the organization at all costs.  The power is concentrated at the very top with a small clique of members.  Clans and factions are common, and political infighting is often disguised as righteous battles against corruption, which incidentally is rampant and permeates all ranks of the bureaucracy.

After a bloody civil war with the Government of the Republic of China, CCP came to power in 1949.  At that time, it promised the world and its people democracy and the rule of law, modeled after the US.  The Republic of China retreated to Taiwan in 1949 and later turned Taiwan into one of the world’s most vibrant economies and democracies.  Because the CCP came to power through a coup with Soviet assistance and the US consent, its legitimacy has always been on shaky ground.  That explains why it goes to immense lengths to defend its legitimacy internationally by trashing and bullying Taiwan and domestically by fooling the people into a never-ending list of empty promises.

The CCP’s totalitarian regime deprives the Chinese citizens of their rights on a wholesale scale and systematically curtails individual freedoms to stay in power. The population of 1.4 billion have been coerced to forfeit their freedom of worship, freedom of speech and freedom of assembly for fear of harassment, persecution, and outright imprisonment, despite these rights being written in the country’s constitution. Members of ethnic minorities such as the Uyghurs and Tibetans have been targeted for arbitrary mass detention, Orwellian-style surveillance, and various forms of persecution such as forced labor, torture, forced abortions and sterilization, and most hideous of all, organ harvesting.

We have probably raised more questions in this article than providing answers.  Trying to undo decades of CCP propaganda about itself and misinformation about China is a monumental task, which takes time.  We appreciate your patience.  We expect to discuss   answers to questions raised so far and much more in articles in this series.  Thank you for joining us on the journey to follow the truth.  Let’s stay informed and stay free, together!

Author: Chomolungma

Proofreading : Rightousman

(The content of the article only represents the author’s personal views)

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