Broadcast|The Chinese Communist Party’s Covid Vaccine Was Discarded in Egypt

By: MOS Fitness Team – Wenqiu

In a sewage ditch in Benimezal, Minya Province, Egypt, a large number of Sinopharm’s new crown vaccines that had been dumped recently were found. After investigation, the authorities found that another 4988 boxes of vaccines were missing in the warehouse of the Health Bureau. Later, three people from the Egyptian biological products and vaccine holding company were arrested. The three were pharmacists, warehouse managers, and freight drivers. According to “Egypt Today”, a total of 13,412 boxes of national medicine vaccines were discarded by the water ditch and are no longer available. The price of this batch of vaccines is 5.0232 million Egyptian pounds or about 2.07 million yuan. Egypt just received 1 million doses of vaccine from Sinopharm at Cairo Airport on the 5th, as well as raw materials that can produce 4.6 million doses of vaccine.

The Egyptian government cooperated on the surface, but in reality, all kinds of delays did not buy the accounts of the CCP and the World Health Organization.
Previously, the implementation of the new crown vaccination plan in the local area was not smooth. This time, after the arrival of the Chinese Communist Party’s National Medicines, this extremely coincidental accident occurred, indicating that the Egyptian people’s distrust of the Chinese virus vaccine has formed a consensus. For the safety of the people, the staff of the vaccine company will spontaneously stand up and destroy the virus vaccine. It is also a positive struggle against the authorities to promote the vaccine program.

Article: The Chinese Communist Party’s Covid Vaccine Was Discarded in Egypt

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