The CDC May Change the Definition of “Fully Vaccinated”

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The definition of a so-called “fully vaccinated” may be changed due to the advent of “booster” shots.

The definition of a so-called “fully vaccinated” may be changed due to the advent of “booster” shots. On Friday, the Biden administration officials urged eligible Americans to get a booster shot of the Communist China COVID-19 vaccine. The head of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) said the definition of “fully vaccinated” may be updated.

Currently, in the United States, a person is considered fully vaccinated if he or she has received two doses of Pfizer or two doses of Modena, or one dose of Johnson & Johnson vaccine. CDC Director, Rochelle Varensky, said that the definition has not yet been changed. But she said that research will continue and the definition of “fully vaccinated” may need to be updated in the future. She also encouraged people to get a third booster dose.

Sooner or later, three doses will not be enough, and the vaccine passport will not work. The fourth or fifth dose will be needed to reach the so-called “fully vaccinated.” How many people will lose their lives because of this? Mr. Miles Guo has been repeatedly reminding that the vaccine disaster has not started yet. There is really not much time left for human beings.

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