Miles Whistleblowing10/24: The Story of 300 Million Dollars and 2 Billion Euros

Author: Ermat 【㊙️G-Translators/Authentic Writing Team】

In a live broadcast on October 24, Mr. Guo Wengui told the story of President Trump falling into the trap of the Chinese Communist Party because of $300 million and Xu Jiayin’s men wanting to remit him 2 billion euros.

Xu Jiayin’s men contacted me and said, We have about 2 billion euros in our account and we are ready to invest in your G series, how about that? I said, the day you remit the money, your family in the country will be arrested, do not take the risk. He said that’s not possible. He still had illusions. I told him we don’t want this money, we have the strictest kyc in the world. He said, Mr. Guo, you give me an IOU, I’ll say the money is lent to you. I tell you, there won’t be anyone in the world that will remit you two billion euros with just an IOU.

President Trump took a risk for $300 million. He’s completely lost his way. An American president known for being anti-communist joined a shocking scam fully engineered by the Communist Party and operated by a group of criminals. Too few people can hold their own in the face of money, in the face of women, and in the face of power.

Mr. Kuo concluded by reiterating that we must never attack President Trump.


2021年10月24日 文贵大直播

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