Communist China’s Social Security Scam: There is Only Social Security Fund but No Social Security System

Translated by: MOS Education Team – Xunchi

Mr. Miles Guo revealed in his Gettr live broadcasting on October 18 that the social security system in Communist China is a complete scam. There is only social security fund in Communist China but no social security system.

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The Social Security Fund of Communist China was founded in 2008 by Dai Xianglong, the former chairman of the Social Security Fund and former governor of the People’s Bank of China. Since it is a fund institution, the corporate is responsible for its profit and loss. Therefore, it is not a social security system for the people at all. Wang Qishan once warned Dai Xianglong, “if you let the Chinese people have social security, the Chinese people will eat you up. If the Chinese people have enough to eat, they are going to eat people.”

At present, the total social security fund of Communist China is $100 billion, 96% of which is earmarked by the government for 130 million retired Chinese Communist Party personnel and their families and relatives, and only 4% is for the deplorable Chinese people. In addition, since its establishment, the social security fund of Communist China has set the system of “waiting for death for major illnesses, grading for minor illnesses, and separating medicine and diagnostics”. In other words, the hospitals in Communist China are for-profit institutions, and they want to “cure to death” the people rather than “cure to live” for the sake of profit. More importantly, the social security fund of Communist China is not protected by a sound insurance system. So fundamentally, the hospitals of Communist China are places to kill and rob money.

Therefore, social security in Communist China is a total scam. Even if you buy it, there is no guarantee to your money. It only serves the very privileged few. The ordinary laobaixing, like cattle and sheep to be slaughtered, are struggling to survive in the unimaginable darkness of Communist China.

10/18/2021 Miles Gettr
10/19/2021 Miles Gettr

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