Miles Whistleblowing 10/24: CCP Used Shell Company to Set up Financial Trap for Trump

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During his live broadcast on October 24, 2021, Mr. Miles Guo revealed that the Chinese Communist Party set up a financial trap for Donald Trump through a shell company.

One core reason is that the CCP plotted to prevent President Trump from joining Gettr, thus depriving him the chance of future elections. If Trump had joined Gettr, he will win the mid-term election in 2022 and will become the Republican House Speaker in the future, just like today’s Speaker Nancy Pelosi. If Trump wins the 2022 election, it is almost a certainty that he will return to the White House in 2024.

Second, insider trading is banned in the stock market, because this becomes a criminal case if there is insider trading. After DWAC’s IPO, almost all share transactions are done among the eleven funds that are the large shareholders of the company. Expect for the three funds in the United States and Canada, the rest of the eleven funds belong to the CCP. The SEC will surely investigate the market manipulation through insider trading if it suspects insider trading and market manipulation. If insider trading is true, President Trump will be subject to criminal investigation and will no longer be eligible for public office elections for the rest of his life.

Third, the eleven funds controlled by the CCP deposited 296 million USD in Trump’s trust fund to purchase a 91.3% stake of Trump Media Technology’s 40 million shares. A large number of MAGA investors followed suit, and DWAC’s market cap skyrocketed to more than 10 billion USD. Its market cap was only more than 200 million USD last Friday. In fact, 5 to 8 billion USD of investors’ money were laundered away, breaking the record as the fastest fundraising through SPAC. President Trump must face all MAGA investors. President Trump can only buy various kinds of social media, with only 1% chance of success. If a company involved in the acquisition is tied to the CCP, how can Trump face his followers? Will he still be nominated to run for Congressional seat and the Presidency? Will the Democrats and anti-Trump Republicans find out where the money is spent? This incident will trigger infighting between Democrats and Republicans in the United States, which is what the CCP wants to see the most.

Mr. Guo reminded followers of the Whistleblower Movement not to attack President Trump. Our purpose of whistleblowing is to expose the CCP’s evilness. We only care about two things: The first is that the incident is relevant to the efforts to take down the CCP. The CCP fears Gettr and therefore orchestrates the absurd incident of defrauding Americans’ money. At the same time, we will let the world know what crazy tricks the CCP played to defraud money in the United States and how much the CCP fears President Trump. We must show the United States the CCP’s evilness and true agenda.

Reference sources:

1. Live broadcast on October 24, 2021

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