Miles Whistleblowing 10/24: Both the Vaccine Awakening and Vaccine Disaster Are Far From Beginning

Translated by: Sister Karamazov [㊙️G-Translators/Authentic Writing Team]

Mr. Miles Guo has again warned the whole world about the severity of the CCP “vaccine” disaster during his broadcast on 10/24/2021:

“Almost 80% to 90% of the premature deaths in our morgues are due to blood clots these days”

Several of the “very important people in the medical profession” told Mr. Guo, “Almost 80% to 90% of the premature deaths in our morgues are due to blood clots these days, and the age is between 20 to 65 years old. They suffered unimaginable pain before their deaths and the corpses are all black and purple here and there (due to blood clots).”

“Cases in hospitals in Beijing showed that some of the newborns didn’t have ears or mouths, and the mothers were all vaccinated.”

“Some doctors from Hong Kong Sanatorium and Hospital said that they were not allowed to criticize or discuss about CCP, not allowed to talk about the correlation between deaths and vaccines. ” “Many pregnant women died in labor and were not even allowed to report!”

“Why should we be the ones who take the risk of the potential side effects of vaccines? How can there be any vaccines when the world has no idea where the virus come from? Why are you even getting paid for receiving vaccination? Human rights come from God, so why are we coerced to take the vaccine?”

Mr. Guo: “CCP virus is not the end, but rather the means, while the vaccine is the real purpose of this disaster”

Mr. Guo again emphasized on 10/24/2021 broadcast that CCP virus is not the end but rather the means. The real purpose of this pandemic is the vaccine. “I have said as early as January 2020 that this whole CCP virus disaster is planned for a long time. The US has developed mature coronavirus bioweapon as early as 1960s or 1970s. However, this technology was later sold to CCP due to BGY (sex or money bribing).”

“CCP tried to release the virus in Hong Kong protest and 2019 Wuhan Military World Games. Its purpose is to halt the Hong Kong movement, create international horror, take over Taiwan, work with the ‘international dark forces’ to carry out the plan to rule all mankind by the playbook. (As a result, it causes) deaths, sluggish economy, disrupted supply chain. Also, there is no need to repay all the embezzled pension funds, since the elderly are killed.”

“The worldly power came to the conclusion that their only choice is to do the dirty jobs together with CCP, such as Pfizer, Inc. The biggest pharmaceutical companies in the world are owned by no more than 10 families; all the American media are owned by four and a half families; all the social media in the world are owned by two and a half families; 1% of the population in the world own the same wealth as the rest of the 99%.”

This is an organized, premeditated genocide. Jewish people are the ones who suffer the most, the second and the third most suffered might be Canadians and Americans. Getting rid of lawyers, accountants, superstars, athletes, civil servants (through vaccines) will solve the “problem” of human beings being too smart and too professional. When all these smart people are gone, the only ones that are left are CCP‘old kleptocrats in Zhongnanhai pit’, along with those doomsday rogue politicians in countries such as Canada, Japan and Israel. This is the ending. Vaccine disaster, vaccine genocide, this is the very core idea.”

Mr. Guo: “The vaccine awakening is far from beginning, and the vaccine disaster is far from beginning”

Mr. Miles Guo continued, “you might have yet to see the vaccine disaster today. The whole vaccine disaster has yet to begin. All of the anti vaccine mandates protesting is not the great awakening, they are only a tiny bit of awakening at the very early state. For example, which group do you think is larger? Those who favor CCP virus vaccine or those who are against? There are free vaccines in my home downstairs, I can still see elderly or moms taking their kids to get vaccinated. Although you can see protesting, but the vast majority has not awakened yet.”

The vaccine awakening is far from beginning, the vaccine disaster is far from beginning, and the secondary disaster is far from the beginning. It’s not only the shortages of groceries due to disrupted supply chain, and it’s not only the shortages of chips. It is in your everyday life. For example, (the secondary disaster is) you run out of electricity all of a sudden, the light suddenly goes out, something suddenly goes wrong in your house, and you have to generate electricity by yourself. This is the real disaster.”

“From this point of view, When the real disaster happens, you’ll find that whatever that is said previous month or even the day before may sound naïve or absurd, and this is where the real charm of New Federal State of China (NFSC) lies – You live differently every day, you see the truths that others fail to see, and you can acknowledge the risks and hopes, which are tangible and visible. ”

Lastly, Mr. Guo again warned people not to take CCP virus vaccines under ANY circumstatnces, and try not to catch the CCP virus, prepare the following medications/pills: Ivermectin, dexamethasone, hydroxychloroquine, zinc and artemisinin. More importantly, follow doctors’ direction when taking medications.


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