Biden promised to help defend Taiwan, drawing a strong response from the CCP

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U.S. President Biden publicly stated that the U.S. is committed to assisting Taiwan’s defense, which immediately triggered a strong response from the Chinese Communist Party.

Biden said at a media event in Baltimore on October 21 that if Taiwan is attacked by the CCP, the United States will help. This time Biden publicly stated for the first time that the U.S will defend Taiwan by military means, which aroused strong attention from the outside world.

The CCP is attempting to entrap in1.4 billion people, and the already war hawk Wang Wenbin arrogantly warned: No one should stand against the CCP. The White House spokesperson reiterated at the press conference on Friday that the US policy has not changed and that the US will continue to assist Taiwan in maintaining sufficient self-defense capabilities. Miles Guo also broke the news during the live broadcast that American professionals clearly replied that if the Communist Party directly attacked Taiwan, the US military would take action.

Reference: 拜登承诺协防台湾,引中共强硬回应

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