Beijing Stock Exchange—Xi Jinping’s Last Madness

Translated by: MOS Finesse Team-Gloria

Credit: CFP

On September 4, according to the Chinese Communist Party’s “China Securities Regulatory Commission’s Public Consultation on the Basic Institutional Arrangements of the Beijing Stock Exchange”, the China Securities Regulatory Commission will promptly complete the establishment of the main body of the Beijing Stock Exchange. To this end, the CCP solicited four opinions concerning the basic institutional systems of the Beijing Stock Exchange, including issuance and financing, continuous supervision, and exchange governance. It is reported that the Beijing Stock Exchange is coordinated by the National Equity Transfer Company and implements “integrated management and independent operation.” In response, the China Securities Regulatory Commission responded by instructing the National Equities Exchange and Quotations to complete the industrial and commercial registration of the Beijing Stock Exchange as soon as possible per relevant regulations.

How significant is the establishment of the Beijing Stock Exchange for the CCP? Can it save the Chinese Communist Party’s economy? As the former top designer of the plan, Mr. Guo Wengui believes that this is a big deal. During the live broadcast, Mr. Guo revealed that the Beijing Stock Exchange was the originality of the Seventh Brother. Today, Xi Jinping’s move intends that when the Western economy is about to collapse, he has already planned the direction of the collapse. For this reason, Xi attacked American pension funds. Mr. Guo said that when the United States discovers that the CCP is trying to kill them, the United States will wake up.

In other words, the moment that the United States wakes up, it will also be the time when the Chinese Communist regime will withdraw. At this time, the release of the Beijing Stock Exchange was the watershed for the CCP’s fragility.

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The China Securities Regulatory Commission solicits public opinions on the basic institutional arrangements of the Beijing Stock Exchange

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