Multiple Injuries Occur in Hong Kong Marathon, Mandatory Vaccinations for Runners Before Race

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On October 24, a number of people were injured during a marathon in Hong Kong, and the organizers required all runners to complete two doses of vaccination against the CCP virus before they could participate in the race.

According to the China Times News, the Hong Kong Hospital Authority said that as of 11:00 this morning, a total of 10 runners in the marathon were sent to the hospital in poor health, the injured 9 men and 1 woman, aged 32 to 87 years old, of which 5 people are in serious condition, 2 people are stable, 2 people have been discharged from the hospital, and another person is in critical condition and is under treatment at Ruttonjee Hospital.

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According to the data, 445 players were injured in the race, including fever, sprains and cramps.

According to the Epoch Times, all participants must complete two doses of vaccination and be tested for the virus 72 hours before the race, with negative results before they are allowed to compete. After being tested for the virus, they will also be required to wear an identification bracelet, which will not be removed until after the race.

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