German Minister of Defense: The West Uniting Against the CCP Is About Human Security

Translated by : MOS  Education Team-Winsun

On October 21, before the NATO defense ministers’ meeting, German Defense Minister Karen Bauer said in an interview that Europe should not separate from the United States and NATO to develop and procure defense capabilities. Europe and the United States need closer cooperation.

Her statement is to remind some senior officials, such as French President Macron, to be alert of the dangers of the CCP regime. Ever since Australia, Britain and the United States reached a trilateral security agreement last month, Macron has used this as an excuse to promote his argument to increase the EU’s independent defense capabilities.  Karen Bauer believes that what France has to do is to have a dialogue with the United States. Considering the challenges that the CCP has brought to Europe, it requires all Western forces to unite.

Karen Bauer stated that “NATO will have to pay more and more attention to the CCP.” The most important thing at present is to realize that “the issue of how to deal with the CCP goes far beyond the issue of national interests.”  She said: “From the overall perspective, it is related to how the world order and our way of life will be shaped and may be changed in the future.”

According to media reports, the CCP has spared no effort to divide and divorce the relationship between the United States and the European Union by politicians from certain countries.  Karenbauer further revealed that the totalitarianism of the CCP has threatened world security, Western democracy and freedom.  She called on Western countries to transcend national interests and unite against the CCP regime.

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