The Nominee of the U.S. Ambassador to China Made a Tough Statement About CCP

Translated by : MOS Gourmet Group – Chevalier

On October 20th, Nicholas Burns, the candidate of US ambassador to China nominated by Biden, demonstrated his tough stance against the CCP at the Senate. Burns said that the CCP’s genocide in Xinjiang, infringement in Tibet, suppression of Hong Kong’s autonomy and freedom, and bully on Taiwan must stop.

Burns opposed the CCP’s actions to undermine the status quo across the Taiwan Strait and condemned the CCP’s military aircraft entering the Taiwan’s air defensive zone. He also stated that on the Taiwan issue, the CCP must not be trusted; the United States must maintain its military status in the Indo-Pacific and sell more weapons to Taiwan to prevent the CCP from using force against Taiwan.

Burns also emphasized that the United States must investigate the source of the coronavirus. The Communist China, who has been blocking the truth from the world, must explain to the world the origin of the virus.

Burns is a professional diplomat by birth and served as ambassador to NATO. He stated in February this year that the US-China relationship is a contest between democracy and authoritarianism, and on multiple occasions he called for the establishment of an international alliance to put pressure on the CCP.

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