ASPI, an Australia Think Tank, Released a New Report: The Xinjiang Model is Being Emulated by the Mainland

Translated by: MOS Education Group – Maverick

On October 19, the Australian Strategic Policy Institute (ASPI) released a report with the title “The Structure of Suppression”, which listed more than 170 Party, political, military, and composite administrative organs of the CCP at all levels that have participated in the governance of Xinjiang in recent years, and revealed all the ins and outs, as well as the detail in terms of the implementation of the “genocide” carried out by the CCP government in Xinjiang.

The report points out that the CCP government identifies “three forces that caused instability in Xinjiang: “Terrorist forces”, “Extremist forces” and “separatist forces”. But the fact is actually an excuse for the CCP to “maintain stability” (a term used by CCP to achieve a certain political order and agenda), in order to exercise strict control over Xinjiang and brutally ravage and slaughter the targets who the authority deem as “threats of stability”.

The report also emphasizes that the CCP’s methods of “maintaining stability” in Xinjiang are being emulated by other provinces and regions in mainland China. For instance, Hong Kong’s Department of “Counter-terrorism” has sent people to Xinjiang for training to learn the ways of how the local government monitors people.


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