War with China: Are we closer than we think?

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That is the reality that we’re facing

Dr. John Lee (Expert Indo-pacific strategic affairs):The major wars of the last 20 years have produced no winners

If China takes Taiwan, it doesn’t stop. It’s the first step in that expansion, China has told us that the only thing stopping China from invading Taiwan is consequences. So, if the U.S. and Australia said we will not be involved, that massively increases the chances that China will be inclined to use force to so-called resolve this Taiwan question.

If you have the U.S. going into harm’s way to defend Taiwan which after all remember is a fellow western liberal democracy just like Australia. We would be negligent in our responsibilities, as a US ally, if we stood back and did nothing. I do think that it is incumbent upon our government of the day to recommend and make the decision to intervene alongside the U.S. to defend Taiwan.

And Clinton, what is your message to Australians?

Well, they should understand that the Chinese government’s resolve has been well expressed. And I believe it is genuine they intend to take Taiwan by peace or by war. And the question is what happens not just to the region, but to Australian society as a consequence

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