CCP Uses Businesses to Conduct Unrestricted Global Financial Warfare

Translated by: MOS Education Group – Angelina

Miles Guo disclosed on Oct 20 that CCP, in order to consolidate its power to lead and rule the world, has started unrestricted economic warfare against the world using over 10 thousand entrepreneurs including Jack Ma.

As early as December 2018, Mr. Guo pointed out that Alibaba, Huawei, Ping an, Tencent, and other companies are all military-owned companies under the cover of civilian-owned companies.

These companies not only are supported and protected in the domestic financial industry but also their leaders were allocated military ID codes and diplomatic privileges. CCP uses these enterprises successfully to infiltrate America’s core industries such as financial, communication, and mega-data while manipulating the world’s mainstream media. The world is realizing that China’s so-called military-civilian integration is actually a charade of international cooperation, designed to steal from the western world and serve the CCP military. Jack Ma, Mingzhe Ma, and other CEOs of public companies did not disclose military connections while being investigated by the CCP. Instead, they manipulated stock prices by fabricating public opinion to plunder the world’s wealth.

In the last 20 years, CCP and the western world have been deeply involved with the CCP’s infiltration in the American and European political and financial world. Mr. Guo is warning the world of unrestricted economic warfare by the CCP, putting the world on verge of financial collapse. The main purpose of this warfare is to destroy American and European stock markets and pension funds.


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