Highlights of Mr. Miles Guo’s Live Broadcast on October 22nd, 2021

Translated by: MOS Translation Team – GBW

In his live broadcast on October 22nd, 2021, Mr. Miles Guo reveals that Bruno Wu has successfully compromised President Trump by investing in Trump’s new social media company. Mr. Guo also talks about the critical decisions in the CCP Sixth Plenum and social media as a tool for faith and finance. Below are the highlights.

The CCP’s submarines surfaced in the East China Sea, northeast Taiwan, and southeast Taiwan.

Twenty minutes ago, the CCP’s submarines surfaced in the East China Sea, northeast Taiwan, and southeast Taiwan. This is unprecedented, like a hooligan walking down the street with his pants down to reveal his genitals. The PLA exposed the submarines just for foreigners to see, saying I want to take action. The internal politics of the CCP has intensified, and it wants to attack Taiwan to draw the world’s attention away from other problems.

The CCP wanted Jack Ma to return to Hong Kong immediately.

An hour ago, those 20 or so people who controlled Comrade Jack Ma were replaced. The CCP wanted Jack Ma to go back to Hong Kong immediately, but he refused and proposed all kinds of conditions, i.e., he needed to sell the ship and land, take care of Yunfeng Fund, and sign contracts with German and Japanese companies regarding shares. Jack Ma does not want to return to Hong Kong. Hong Kong is hell for him.

Bruno Wu has successfully compromised President Trump.

One particularly important brother in arms said that God was helping us. Bruno Wu just wrote them a report that he had successfully compromised President Trump. Trump’s social media SPAC went IPO. SPAC is a special purpose acquisition company or a shell company. Bruno Wu is behind Trump’s SPAC. Trump took less than $5 million in total. Bruno Wu found Trump’s company and promised if the company’s valuation is less than $300 million, he will give Trump $300 million. The CCP cheered and said they took Trump down completely and seized him in their hands.

Why is it good for us? This time, the SPAC is in public, and no one can stop this scandal. I admire the investors behind Gettr so much. They would not give a share of Gettr to Trump. In the past, other companies that gave Trump presentations all offered to pay Trump. Only Gettr was willing to give Trump no more than $100 million and no equity shares. Now President Trump’s new company is getting a $300 million investment commitment, and Trump received 85% of the company’s stock. The CCP sent Bruno Wu to do the deal. The CCP intelligence agency sent Yunhong International. This situation will become an international political incident, which is fatal to President Trump’s political career. Trump has little chance in 2024. He had two jabs of Covid vaccines and it’s not good for his health. Half of the world will dislike Gettr if Trump joins Gettr.

We always have to believe in and rely on ourselves. No one should be anti-Trump.

Many people put their hopes in President Trump. I said from day one, don’t expect President Trump or America to destroy the CCP. We, including my fellow Taiwanese, should always believe in and rely on ourselves. It has been proven. President Trump was going to deport me, and all the people around me were our enemies, but I never cared, even now. No one should be anti-Trump and we fully support him. President Trump never has the heart and the guts to destroy the CCP. He is afraid of Xi Jinping and Putin in his bones. Bannon and Navarro know it. When Navarro was first told that Gettr offered to pay Trump $100 million to join the platform, he said, “You are crazy. Trump should give you $100 million.  He has no place to go.” In this case, Gettr cannot give him $300 million or promise him 85% of the company’s shares. He said again and again that Parler would give him 85% of ownership. We told him to go to Parler, but he ended up going straight to Yang Lan, Bruno’s wife.

President Trump, Elliott Broidy, Higginbotham, and Chinese entrepreneurs have been ruined by Bruno Wu and Yang Lan.

The new housekeeper from Taiwan said to me, Bruno Wu is really capable. I said Bruno Wu is not even comparable to trash; it is a result of Yang Lan’s hard work of sleeping around. The real Yang Lan is different from the intelligent, wise, and bold Yang Lan in front of the camera. Yang Lan can sleep with people a dozen times a day. She is not a simple woman. Bruno Wu is only there to support her. The CCP has designated Yang Lan as one of the most senior “swallows” (female spy) since the establishment of Unit 2. Bruno Wu is absolute trash. Unfortunately, President Trump, Elliott Broidy, and Higginbothamfell victim to this “swallow.”

President Trump asked Jason Miller to go back to work with him before the SPAC announcement. Jason Miller said he liked Gettr so much that he would not go back. If Jason Miller were to join Bruno Wu-backed firm, Jason’s career would be over. Bruno Wu and Yang Lan ruined so many people. During the investigation of Jack Ma, Pony Ma, and Peter Ma, Bruno Wu betrayed them. Bruno Wu first revealed the information about listed companies involving Alvin Jiang.

The Sixth Plenum of the 19th CCP Congress will decide China’s future system and when to invade Taiwan.

The Sixth Plenum to Xi is not just about being reelected and a smooth transition to the next Congress. The 20th Congress will determine the system that the Chinese society will adopt in the end. The brothers in arms inside the CCP told me that Wang Huning is almost the second most hated person in the party. Wang Huning definitely wants to eliminate private entrepreneurs. Xi Jinping absolutely supports his view of Cultural Revolution 2.0 and nationalization of the economy, especially the media, energy, infrastructure, and finance sectors should have zero participation of private companies. Private enterprises can only participate in labor-intensive sweatshops and no-profit areas. They will also discuss whether Taiwan should be overtaken before the 20th Congress or in the near future. The issue of Xi’s successor has to come after this.

The Sixth Plenum will decide whether China will be North Koreanized or join the international community in the future and whether it will be controlled by North Korean Kim-style families or go back to the communist past. There is no rule of law in the CCP, so Xi will name his successor, and anyone who tries to discuss the issue with him will be removed. The best future scenario for the CCP is the Mao-style Cultural Revolution; the worst is the Stalin style, killing 90% of all military district commanders and taking out existing Standing Committee members. Stalin killed, kidnapped, and raised money. Like President Xi, Stalin had less than a third-grade education. Stalin annexed countries around the USSR one by one, just like the CCP would invade Taiwan. China will then enter the era of Qin Shi Huang (China’s first emperor) and Stalin. The Sixth Plenum will require everyone to show their loyalty.  Surfacing the submarines by Xi has two meanings. One means the opponents will be defeated; the other means he doesn’t care about anyone else and raises the middle finger. After the Sixth Plenum, you don’t need to watch the 20th Congress, because the big picture is set.

Xi Jinping can’t escape the personal grudges; he hates the Deng family and Deng Xiaoping’s policies. Xi Jinping will definitely close the country to the outside world.

The issue of reform and opening up or closing the border has been the most discussed issue within the CCP. Everyone in the party is concerned about Deng Xiaoping’s policy. Xi has never looked beyond the various family and clan feuds of his childhood and upbringing in the past decades. Deng’s family oppressed Xi so severely that they relegated his father and mother to Shenzhen. Deng wouldn’t let Xi Jinping stay in the army. Xi Jinping hates the Deng family to the bone. You see, within Xi’s wisdom, it’s all about personal revenge. Xi, for the most part, will close the border when he repudiates Deng’s policy.

Bruno Wu investigated Xi Jinping’s sister’s daughter.

In 2017, Bruno Wu took a group of Chinese public security officers to London in a car driven by Brother David, and David recorded the whole conversation and sent it to me. Who said David is not our brother? Among Bruno Wu’s group, there were subordinates of Wang Like. Even now, Xi does not know that Bruno Wu investigated Xi’s sister’s child, Wu Lafei. Wu Lafei’s sister married to a British man. Bruno Wu’s investigation meant the Jiang faction wanted to remove Xi.

The traitors of Hong Kong and Taiwan all side with the Shanghai faction.

Almost 90% of all the big bosses and entrepreneurs punished by Xi today are from Jiangsu and Zhejiang, the Jiang family. The Shanghai gang owns 90% of Hong Kong. Tung Chee-hwa, CY Leung, Carrie Lam, all the former Secretaries of Justice and heads of police in Hong Kong, is any of them not part of the Shanghai gang? The two Kwok families, Li Ka-shing, the several tycoons, and the Hang Seng family, which one is not a member of the Shanghai gang? Hong Kong doesn’t speak Cantonese. Its main language is Shanghainese. This is why Xi invaded Hong Kong. Who BGYed (Blue-internet, Gold-money, Yellow-sex) Taiwan? Not Xi, it was Yang Jiechi. The Central Commission for Discipline Inspection, Bureau 18, 11 and 13, the military, and the Liaison Department of the General Administration at the time were all Jiang’s turf. More than 90% of the traitors in Taiwan are Jiang faction. Who is Xi wrestling with? Because Xi Jinping wants to take back Taiwan and Hong Kong, everyone is waiting for something to happen to Xi. Two days ago, I contacted someone from Shanghai, including Jack Ma’s buddies. Their biggest hopes are (1) Miles Guo can succeed and (2) someone can remove Xi.

The Chinese find excuses for their cowardice and naivety; no one stands up for themselves.

The Chinese find excuses for their cowardice and naivety, for example, sweeping the snow in front of your own house, not sticking your head out, and waiting for someone else to do it. These are cowards’ excuses. The West does not have such a philosophy. The westerners always want to be faster and get ahead of others. The West chivalry spirit has produced Western civilization. China has more than a billion people. Except for a culture of keeping mistresses and the middle-way philosophy, there are no real men among the Chinese.

Everyone is waiting for others to get rid of Xi.  When Bruno Wu visited the UK in Brother David’s car, he was plotting to murder Xi. These people have been plotting against Xi Jinping for ten years and got rich with their scams. Bruno Wu received 7 to 8 billion dollars from Jack Ma. It’s more proof that there is no good man in the system. With so many people in the Deng family, does anyone dare to take action? No. The Deng family are a bunch of political crooks, with the exception of Deng Xiaoping, the only genius in the family. In China, when you succeed, the family will always be envious and jealous. It’s not the case in the West; when you succeed, you receive respect, and you’re a hero at home. Bannon’s Dad takes notes for his son and says you are my glory.

I asked Song Ping, “Jiang Zemin is  so overpowering. Why no one says anything?” Song Ping said, “The fucking Shanghai people are bluffing and cowardly. Li Changchun yielded after others pounded the table in front of him. No one from the Deng family dares to stand out. They only want something to eat and drink.” These are the original words of Song Ping.

China will either produce Stalin or a Washington. Do you think Xi is Stalin or Chiang Ching-kuo? Neither. Xi will be destroyed in the end for sure. Xi Jinping is in the most precarious situation between the Sixth Plenum of the 19th Congress and the 20th Congress. Chen Sheng and Wu Guang (rebellions against Qin Dynasty) may appear in Shanghai.

A universal monetary and financial system will be the future.

Yesterday afternoon, I was on the phone with a Japanese friend’s kid who is the youngest PhD in finance at Harvard. He asked me about the difference between fiat money and currency. He said if the concept is like what I said, a global monetary and financial system will be the future.

The Chinese should have no illusions that China has to have a one-person-one-vote system.

A new China without the CCP must have a government elected by one-person-one-vote, the rule of law, independent judiciary, freedom of faith, and the Millennium Peace Accord with the West. You can trust that I can overthrow the CCP, but you must not expect me to lead China. I simply cannot. I am not humble. I was born with strong emotions. With my academic experience, I’m not qualified to lead China. I will continue to fight as long as the New Federal State of China does not have faith and the rule of law. Chinese people should have no illusions that China must have a one-person-one-vote system to make a decision. A pre-determined and manipulated system is evil.

A nation is secure because of productivity, creativity, and advanced civilization.

The world is working on exterminating the communists. You see, the CCP submarines surfaced twenty minutes ago. The CCP invented low orbit nuclear weapons and unrestricted weapons, and launched space stations. All of them are the CCP’s preparations for war. The CCP colluded with Russia and their navy crossed the Strait of Japan. All problems will lead to the war against Taiwan. Remember what I said. Those humans who are still fighting for land, promoting nationalism, and engaging in a dictatorship will soon be wiped out. So what if the CCP takes back Taiwan? Can the CCP live in peace if the world gives Japan to the CCP? What secures a nation and its people? It’s the productivity, creativity, and advanced civilization. Nations forgetting these principles will disappear. Even the French, German, and British governments will be overthrown by the people, and new governments will be created. Now the trend is new energy and biotechnology; it is essential to avoid extreme wars and nuclear wars.

Earth is by no means a safe place for humanity. Humanity is going to outer space. Compared to this height, taking back Taiwan, Deng Xiaoping, and Xi Jinping are like the joke of Taiping Heavenly Kingdom. We are global, secure, and healthy. We are the first group to enjoy biotechnology, to be respected globally, and to travel to outer space for free. We have our independent currency, GClubs, Himalaya Coin, and Himalaya Reserve for this purpose. After 2025, when you look back to talk about Taiwan, Xi, Hong Kong, and Jack Ma, you will say, who is this; I forget who it is. We are changing the world and humanity. We take concrete action to eliminate the CCP before 2025.

A national system without faith, the rule of law, and economic support is unstable.

George Washington is one of the people who influenced me the most. He was a member of Free-Mason. He conveyed the cultural needs of America after it broke away from Britain very clearly, American breaking away in culture and religion. The United States’ religion, culture, and military seceded from Europe, especially the law. Washington gave himself to the cause. He was a farmer’s boy. Why we built the G series was really influenced by him. A nation of 1.4 billion people without faith is nonsense. Washington was clear that a legal system without faith and a national system without economic support were unstable. Any system that can’t clarify the relationship between the individual and the state can’t exist. Leaders absolutely cannot stay in the leadership position forever.

Social media disseminate faith. Social media and finance can never be separated.

I am the first person to talk about Social media. The CCP thinks social media is more powerful than nuclear weapons, swaying the entire world’s thinking and direction. More importantly, there are two points people haven’t realized. Social media and finance can never be separated. In the past, social media was for brainwashing, gaining political power, and delivering information. Social media in the future is a financial tool, a tool people can’t live without. Second, all social media is the unification of all human religions. Do you understand? These two together, money plus faith, is politics.

Social media relying on advertising dollars and selling personal data has no future. Facebook, Google, and Twitter have original sins. Most importantly, social media must be overwhelmingly approved by religions and faiths. Social media divided between left and right simply cannot survive for a few days. GTV is the platform to exterminate the communists. Gettr is global, non-racial, and non-political. After the extermination of the CCP, GTV will turn into a global platform and a bridge between East and West. Chinese people will come here and find warmth in the post-CCP era. Social media’s future is the dissemination of faith and secure financial tools.

Social media is the supreme ruling power of humanity.

Bill Gates is Bill Gates after all. He gave a speech a few days ago. He said soon there will be 8 to 10 Elon Musks in this world. I read a top-secret document from some secret society three years ago that a low carbon economy, such as driverless cars, will account for one-fourth of the global economy by 2030. Humans must start exploring space in 2030, and the migration to outer space begins. Human reproduction is by no means limited to male and female couples. There are multiple ways to reproduce. Today we know methods of eggs, sperm, and IVF. Maybe males can produce by themselves in the future. The third point is even more farfetched. All future groups of humans share (1) common beliefs, (2) sperm and eggs of similar quality (DNA commonality, vaccinated not vaccinated, etc.), (3) unified financial and currency systems. There will be no more than a hundred or no more than ten currencies, I think. As long as you are approved and pass checks 1, 2, and 3, you will be accepted into the group. Social media is the supreme ruling power of humanity. There is no concept of territory or skin color.

George Washington represented a respected, trusted and supreme civilization of the time.

Everyone wants Himalaya coins, even just a few hundred coins. Japanese banks, Swiss banks, St Petersburg banks, and all banks met and admired Himalaya Coin just by looking at the KYC. Two Australian banks say that it’s impossible that we won’t get strong. How can we go to space without such a financial system? Washington symbolized a respected, trusted, and supreme civilization of the time, so the world followed him. People don’t follow an individual; people follow democracy, the rule of law, faith, and humane society; that’s the point.

Ninety percent of all human innovations happen in the United States.

I read investment and project briefings every day, and I get excited. Ninety percent of all human innovations come to the United States, new buildings, new communications technology, new materials, new energy, and new food. All biotech companies’ research is about how to screen you for vaccination and the difference between unvaccinated and vaccinated groups. Yesterday morning, I saw several projects on how to get a 50-year-old woman to produce eggs and get her pregnant because she is not vaccinated.  Eggs are completely repairable. Men of 65 can produce healthy sperm. People who go to outer space can adapt to stress, heat, and cold levels. Fixing genes is like fixing bugs in your phone. How small is the chip? The biochip will very soon become a tiny solid, small enough to be put anywhere on the skin. The next plan after Starlink is the Spacelink. People are going to various planets. This has nothing to do with Elon Musk. In America, 1+1 equals 10,000 or more. In Communist China, 1+1 = 0.

Gettr’s three goals for user development; Gettr hopes to reach 1 billion users next year.

Gettr Pay will be launched no later than next May. Himalaya Pay will be online next month. Regarding Gettr, we want three 1/7s: (1) One billion out of 7.5 billion people will use Gettr; (2) One in seven of the highest quality customers in social media will use Gettr; (3) One of the seven most important messages in the world every day will come from Gettr. Around November 11th, 2022, I hope to reach the above goals in a rudiment form, with May next year being the critical moment. We hope Gettr to get one billion users.

The term limit of the Chairman and Vice-Chairman has been removed, but it does not mean that Xi Jinping will have another term.

Xi Jinping thinks about how to take revenge all day long. His IQ is very low. You can see that from his revision of the constitution. The amendment removed the term limit on the Chairman and Vice-chairman, but it doesn’t mean he can stay in his position. The Chairman and Vice-Chairman after two terms can be re-elected, but he has nobody’s approval. This is called uncertainty. In the CCP, the consensus is that one who can escape China is a winner, one who sent his children and wives abroad is a winner, and one who can survive is a winner. Nobody thinks the CCP can rule China for another ten or one hundred years. Even Xi’s family is worried. If Xi loses power, who will dig his ancestral graves?

Xi Jinping is investigating twenty-five financial institutions across the country. The CCDI is essentially Wang Qishan’s turf. They will conspire to lie to Xi. The CCDI and the financial sector are loyal to Wang Qishan. The more Xi wrestles with them, the more united they will be under Wang Qishan. Xi’s loyalists are Chen Xi, Li Zhanshu, and Ding Xuexiang. Who else? Xu Qiliang may not even end up siding with him. Xi is living in a completely manipulated environment.

Zhang Yufeng and I talked many times. She said that Mao Zedong wanted to gain more power when he arrived in Beijing. Liu Shaoqi basically took over Mao’s authority. The coldness and selfishness of the Chinese people enraged Mao, so he wanted to revenge. In the middle of the Cultural Revolution, Mao could have been stopped if someone had shouted NO, but nobody did. Today, Xi has gone the way of Mao again.

Artemisinin is the medicine to treat coronavirus and Covid vaccine’s adverse reactions.

Artemisinin is the antidote to the coronavirus. It’s a question of dosage and how to take the drug. Last night, the scientist’s family reminded me that artemisinin is definitely the antidote to the coronavirus and Covid vaccine’s adverse reactions.

The CCP is all about kidnapping family members and buying you off.

The CCP took down Trump because they were wary of Trump. You have to admit that the CCP’s shameless tactics work well for America. Trump was bought off by money. In addition, the US capital market system cannot let the CCP run amuck if there is anyone sober enough. The CCP has two tricks: kidnapping your family and buying you off.

Proof of Bruno Wu’s Link to Trump’s SPAC

This is the document signed by Yunhong International and Giga Energy on May 14. Yunhong International paid $690,000 for 6.9 million shares of Giga Energy. Bruno Wu signed the document on behalf of Giga Energy. The financial advisor of this Giga acquisition is ARC Capital, which is a company under Pacific Investment. ARC Capital is connected to PAG, which is controlled by Bruno Wu. The lawsuits against me are all related to PAG.

We have to cherish the G series that belongs to us. The fact that the CCP let Bruno Wu take down Trump when Wu was completely under investigation and with limited freedom shows that Gettr scared the CCP so much. Brothers in arms own 5% of Gettr. If we give 0.5% of our 5% shares to Trump, the CCP’s BGY will not succeed. The CCP is so scared that it took the power of the state to prevent Trump from joining Gettr. No one should attack Trump. If you attack Trump, you will fall into the CCP’s trap.

The money of the kleptocrats will end up in Himalaya Reserve.

The recent meetings are about Jack Ma and Chinese entrepreneurs’ movements and changes in their assets. Surprisingly, we have brothers in arms in certain banks. They told me to check out the money transfer records of these people. Our brothers in arms have such top-secret information. Eventually, all this money will go to Himalaya Reserve.

(All contents are subject to Mr. Miles Guo’s live broadcasts.)

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1 month ago

It sounds to me like Trump tricked the CCP into giving hundreds of millions to him, so he can create a broadcast company. 在我看来,特朗普欺骗中共给他数亿美元,这样他就可以创建一家广播公司。 Don’t forget: Trump has operated gambling casinos. 别忘了: 很多年前特朗普经营着赌博赌场。 Not everybody in the casino business is honest and peaceful as the CCP. 并非赌场行业的每个人都像中共一样诚实和平。 ^_^ Seven Brother never disappoints. 七哥从不让人失望。 I hope he becomes President of the New Federal State of China when China is freed from CCP tyranny! 我希望他在中国摆脱中共暴政后成为新中国联邦总统!