Countries State at the UN, Expressing Concern about the CCP’s Suppression of Uyghurs

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新疆“再教育营”:探寻维吾尔“思想转化营”内的真相- BBC News 中文

On October 23, 43 countries including the United States, France, and Turkey issued an official statement at the United Nations, expressing concern about the situation of Uyghurs and other Muslim Turkic peoples in China.

France’s UN Ambassador Nicolas de Rivière said  “There are generalized and systematic violations of human rights, torture, forced sterilization, sexual violence,  “widespread surveillance” and forced separation of children. Freedom of religion, movement, expression, as well as Uyghur culture, are subject to severe restrictions.”

Turkey, Libya, and Swaziland joined the statement for the first time. All countries have called for the CCP to grant the high commissioner for human rights access to Xinjiang for investigation.


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