Financial Times: CCP Tested Hypersonic Nuke Missile

Translated by: MOS Media Team – CloudSky

The Financial Times (FT): the CCP secretly launched a hypersonic cruise missile that has nuclear strike capability in August. FT sources said the hypersonic glide vehicle was carried by a Long March rocket. Such CCP’s actions are usually publicly announced, but the test in August has been kept confidential.

Hypersonic missiles are similar to the traditional ballistic missiles, which can deliver nuclear weapons, and are able to fly at five times higher than the sound speed. And it has a more changeable orbit and mobility, making it difficult to detect, track and defend. It is the most sophisticated and deterrent weapon at present. Along with China, the United States, Russia, and Japan, a total of at least five countries are working on hypersonic technologies. The CCP’s progress on hypersonic weapons has been described as a “surprise’ to the US intelligence, as the CCP’s propaganda said.

The FT articulated that the secret test was conducted at a time when tensions between the United States and China were increasing, and Beijing stepped up military activities near Taiwan. This conflict has caused the current crisis in the Taiwan Strait. At present, the Pentagon has not responded to Agency France Presse’s (AFP) request for comment on the Financial Times report.

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References: China Tested New Space Capability With Hypersonic Missile: Report

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3 months ago

It is scary that CCP wants to do this. But, if you put something in orbit (even if it barely works and the rocket crashes) it is “hypersonic”. Orbital speed is 2-4 times “hypersonic”. I think this was more CCP space junk. CCP is trying to follow Sun Tzu’s advice, and appear strong when they are weak. 中共想这么做,太可怕了。但是,如果你把什么东西放在轨道上(即使它几乎不起作用,火箭坠毁),它是”超音速的”。轨道速度是”超音速”的2-4倍。我觉得这更是 CCP 太空垃圾。中共试图听从孙子的建议,在弱者时显得坚强。