Both Bitcoin and Crypto-related Ransom Strike Record High

Translated by: MOS Education Team – Wintermfall

According to the report from CNN News, the first bitcoin-linked, exchange-traded fund launched on Oct 19. Bitcoin hit a historic record high in value in anticipation of the fund`s debut on the morning of Oct 20.

However, The US Treasury Department`s Financial Crime Enforcement Network stated, Bitcoin ransomware attacks and other crypto-related crimes recorded the highest numbers in 2021. Relevant ransomware transactions raised a staggering $5.2 billion in total. According to the analysis, related reports have been rising over the decade.  

In regard to Bitcoin, Mr. Miles Guo also commented in his live broadcast on Oct 20 that it is used as a tool for money laundering and financial crime and can only circulate on dark web markets. Therefore, Bitcoin is a technically decentralized but centralized fake currency. Opposite to Bitcoin, Himalaya Coin adopt a centralized management model with decentralized technology. It has someone in charge and a legal entity can be approached on day one.   

With its characteristics of recoupling of gold and convertibility to the US dollar, Himalaya Coin`s future value and impact in the global economic system will be inestimable.   

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