Miles Perspective (22/10): CCP’s Attempt to Control Trump through Capital Investment Means CCP still Pays Attention to Trump

Written by: Skagen
Translated by: billwilliam
Proofreaded by: Cutecutepunk

On October 20, 2021, Donald Trump announced the founding of a new social media network called “TRUTH Social.” According to announcements issued by Trump Media Technology Group (TMTG) and the private acquisition company DWAG (Digital World Acquisition Group), “TRUTH Social” will be created by a new company formed from the merger of the two companies.

What is puzzling is that Trump’s new media company created through merger with the Digital World Acquisition Group hires Patrick Francis Orlando as the CEO, who happens to be also the CEO of another company Yun Hong International. Yun Hong International is a shell company incorporated in the Cayman Islands, but its symbol listed on NASDAQ is ZGYHU, which stands for the initial letters in Chinese Pinyin of its parent company’s name China Yunhong. China Yunhong is located in Wuhan, China, which is the origin of the Chinese Communist Party virus. At a time when foreign companies rush to leave China, Trump can hardly disentangle from interests tied to Communist China because of cooperation with a company headquartered in Communist China and shared board members.

Mr. Miles Guo blew the whistle on October 22, 2021: Bruno Wu (Wu Zheng) reported to the CCP Central Commission that he had successfully put Trump under control through shell companies. Mr. Guo said, “The CCP’s attempt to control Trump demonstrates that the CCP still pays attention to Trump. The CCP’s low tactics of widespread blackmails and bribery are always successful in Europe and the United States.”

Li Yubao, the chairman of China Yunhong, is obviously tied to the CCP. He is also a student of the College of Administration of the Chinese Communist Party School. The frontpage of the company’s website displays Xi Jinping’s quote: “Never forget your original intention and keep your mission in mind.” China Yunhong has a branch of the Chinese Communist Party. Its mission is to inculcate the spirit of the CCP into every employee, and all employees are arranged to participate in military training with PLA instructors. Li Yubao proudly posts on the internet photos of his participation in the “Belt and Road Initiative” in Africa and photos taken with top CCP leaders.

According to US SEC filing on May 17, 2021, Yunhong International intends to purchase the shares of Giga Energy in the proposed combination. Giga Energy Inc, a transportation solution provider, will launch IPO through a merger with the shell company Yunhong International. Yunhong International spent 690,000 USD to purchase 6.9 million shares of Giga Energy. The signatory representing Giga Energy is Bruno Wu (a CCP spy), Li Yubao is the chairman of Yunhong International, and Patrick Orlando is the CEO of Yunhong International. The names Bing Wu (Bruno Wu’s brother) and Yang Lan (Bruno Wu’s wife) even appear in the merger/share swap contract between Giga Energy and the offshore shell company Yunhong International. This is equivalent to Bruno Wu and Yang Lan (agents of the CCP kleptocrats) cooperating with Trump through Yunhong International. No wonder Bruno Wu reported to the CCP Central Commission, “We have successfully put Trump under control.” According to Mr. Guo’s revelations, President Trump only received a total of 5 million USD in cash and Bruno Wu’s promise of 800 million USD in profits that may not come true.

ARC Capital Holdings Limited, a subsidiary of the Pacific Alliance Group (PAG), provides consulting service to the acquisition of Giga Energy. PAG was the largest investor in HNA Group back in 2007. In 2017, PAG falsely accused Mr. Miles Guo and attempted to seize Mr. Guo’s apartment on the 18th floor of the Sherry Netherlands Hotel. PAG’s Asia Opportunity Fund and Mr. Guo have been battling for four years in the New York State Court over the 88 million USD litigation. Christopher Gradel is the founder of PAG and is also a non-executive board member of ARC Capital Holdings Ltd. ARC Group Limited provides financial consulting service to Giga Energy and announces having finished the transaction in shares with Yunhong Group. Bruno Wu is orchestrating this behind the scenes—his company Sunshine Seven Star Group, his younger brother Bing Wu, and Samuel Nunberg (Trump’s political adviser, previously sued Mr. Miles Guo for defamation) are all shareholders of Giga Energy. On the SEC filings, Bruno Wu and his wife Yang Lan are representatives of this transaction. Yunhong International’s CEO Patrick Orlando is also the CEO of Digital World Acquisition, which is currently engaging in a merger with Trump Media Technology Group. Such interlocked relationship demonstrates the CCP’s conspiracy to falsely accuse and attack Mr. Guo through the PAG controlled by Bruno Wu.

Admittedly, Bruno Wu dared to play such a lowly trick against Trump because the CCP is aware of the shortcomings of American and Western capitalism. The CCP’s only trick is to buy with money, yet this trick is always successful. If anyone is sober under the system of the American capitalist market, the CCP wouldn’t act so blatantly in the United States. We hope President Trump will see through the CCP’s evil intentions clearly and will not be put under control by the CCP’s money and threats. Hope Trump will live up to his resolution to counter and destroy the CCP as expressed in his speeches to the American public.

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