G Times: How to understand the relations between CCP and Taiwan administration?

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1. Deutsche Welle: In Beijing’s research and judgment, Tsai Ing-wen is a more stubborn leader of “Taiwan independence” than Lee Teng-hui and Chen Shui-bian. Regardless of Tsai’s motivation for proposing the “two-state theory”, after several years of observation, Beijing is no longer hope that she can give up the persistence of Taiwan independence and nation-building. From this way, after Cai’s “four persistences” come out, Beijing is bound to deter.

——Do you still not understand the relationship between the two sides of the Taiwan and CCP? 

The CCP’s strength or power are N times stronger than Taiwan. Why hasn’t it taken Taiwan after so many years?

Taiwan is a trump card for controlling the CCP, and maintaining the status quo is in the interests of the western countries: enjoying the benefits of 1.4 billion slave laborers and the pleasure of being blended by the CCP…

An evil and powerful CCP that has conquered Taiwan and broke through the fetters of the first island chain is a threat to the whole world.

Therefore, the United States, Russia, Japan, South Korea and Australia will not agree…

Tsai Ing-wen’s four persistences are also basically “maintain the status quo”

This is the bottom line.

2. The U.S. House of Representatives committee investigating the riots in Capitol Hill unanimously approved the prosecution of former White House senior adviser Bannon for contempt of Congress.

——Not investigating or prosecution the real traitor, but harassment the conscientious, the brave and the righteous ones, the next step is your turn.

Don’t worry, if you and your family die from the vaccine or the dictatorship by then, no one will stand up and speak for you.

3. Jack Ma donated 3.2 billion in 2020, why can’t he has his safety? 

——3.2 billion is not enough…

The price for the coal and electricity is so high, even the rats in the granary are hungry so much…

Most importantly, Jack Ma is suspected of conspiracy and coup…

This is the big crime of execute his whole family.

4. AVI: Crowds of uniformed police, cavalry, anti-terrorism teams and armored vehicles spent hours around Melbourne, harassing innocent locals.

——The police and politicians are raised by the taxpayer money, however, they can’t deal with the virus and the CCP’s bullying, but it’s absolutely okay to deal with the ordinary people!

5. On October 19, protesters outside the residence of the British Prime Minister chanted: “Arrest Bill Gates”! Gates and the other billionaire executives were invited by Boris Johnson to have dinner in Downing Street tonight.

——A feast of the devils

6. Some Chinese people on the one hand said that they hate the United States, Japan, and Korea, while on the other hand, they snapping up Apple phones and Japanese toilet seats, or going to New York to clean up all kinds of luxury goods. They are keen to go to South Korea for plastic surgery… What kind of mentality is this?

——Fashion is originally a personality, but in the eyes of them, it has become a trend:

Regardless of whether it is appropriate or not, whether it is necessary or not, what others have, I have to have it, otherwise I will lose face and be out of date;

What others don’t have, I have to have it too, then I can feel so proud and being cool…

So, sell kidneys to buy Apple phones, eat pickles to buy LV… Isn’t it magical? Who do you live for? ?

7. Recently, at the National People’s Congress, Xi Jinping said that there are “multiple ways” to realize democracy, and whether a country is democratic should be “judged together by the international community”. 

——The so-called “democracy” of the CCP is playing with Mussolini’s fascist set: the individual obeys the collective, and the collective obeys the leader.

In Xi Jinping’s views, quantity is truth and quantity is justice. Whoever controls the “quantity” controls the truth. Whoever controls the international organization controls the international society…

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