Miles Whistleblowing 10/22: Social Media Will Represent the Supreme Dominion of Mankind in the Future

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Image source: GTV & GETTR

Mr. Miles Guo commented in his broadcast on October 22 that social media companies which survive on advertising income and selling users’ personal data, such Facebook, Google, Twitter, etc. are unlikely to have a bright future because they have original sins. Social media must win the recognition of the vast majority of people across the word regardless of their religious faiths and political affiliations. Mankind will be bonded by common faith.

In the future, social media will be used to spread the faith of mankind and become a reliable platform for financial transactions. When the entire mankind is united under one faith through the social media, the concept of territory, be it Taiwan, Mainland China, or Hong Kong, will be discarded and the concept of country will carry no weight. All mankind will have its common platform, common economy, and common spiritual realm.

“Social media is more powerful than nuclear weapons because it is able to influence 50 million families at the same time, which no nuclear weapon is capable of.” Mr. Guo said, “In the future, social media will have mighty power and in effect represent the supreme dominion of mankind.”

Original article: 文贵视角:未来社交媒体就是人类的最高统治权

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3 months ago

What is “faith?”
The faiths of Christianity and Islam will never merge.
Communism is not a “faith.”