The 130th Canton Fair Brought Down the Curtain

Translated by: MOS Translation Team – Laniakea

On October 19, the 130th Canton Fair brought down the curtain after a five-day run. According to the official statistics, approximately 7,800 enterprises attended the expo, while an additional 26,000 companies and global purchasers joined online.

This year, after running three virtual exhibitions since the pandemic, the Canton Fair reopened its concrete exhibition hall for the first time. The concrete exhibition hall is reportedly 400,000 square meters in size, but some clips of onsite events show very few merchants presenting in person, making the large pavilion appear colder against this backdrop. In addition, the CCP’s media covered scanty reports of this year’s Canton Fair. According to sources, only 92 foreign commercial companies from 15 countries and regions were physically present at the expo.

The official website of Canton Fair has not updated the turnover since 2020. Based on the Canton Fair’s history, the Spring Fair in 2008 produced the highest turnovers, and the figures have decreased steadily since then.

Actually, the Canton Fair has always been the “barometer” of foreign trade in Communist China. In addition to the impact of the pandemic, some comments indicated that the uncontrollable political risks, power restrictions and energy shortages, as well as the disruption in the supply chain of transportation, have all become factors that purchasers must consider. The winter of “Made in China” has arrived.

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