Trudeau Announces Canada’s Official Implementation of Federal Vaccine Passport

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On October 21, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said at a regular press conference that Canada will launch a federal certification system for the Covid vaccination, which will take effect in some territories as soon as the same day. Trudeau claimed that 13 provinces and territories across the country unanimously agreed to join the system. 

It is reported that the Canadian vaccine passport will show the name of the holder, date of birth, vaccination history, including the time, number and dose of vaccinations, as well as a health card QR code for people to present when traveling within Canada and internationally.

Previously, provincial vaccination certificates have been used in some parts of Canada as an access card to non-essential places such as restaurants, gyms and theaters. Now, in spite of the opposition to mandatory vaccination and the wave of protests against the government’s human rights abuses across Canada, Trudeau has insisted on formalizing the vaccine passport, further reducing the space for unvaccinated people and forcing them to move around.

As Miles said: darkness has fallen.

Reference: 特鲁多宣布加拿大正式实行联邦疫苗护照

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