Miles Whistleblowing10/22: Wu Zheng Reported to the Central Government: President Trump has been Controlled by Us

Author: Ermat 【㊙️G-Translators/Authentic Writing Team】

Mr. Guo Wengui said in his live broadcast on Oct. 22 that Wu Zheng reported to the central government that he had successfully controlled President Trump using a shell company.

A fellow fighter said that Wu Zheng just wrote a report to the central government saying that we have successfully controlled President Trump and that we have absolute confidence in our commitment to the organization. The shell company listing is China’s so-called wind-up public company. After going up, find some people to make the stock go up, and then run away. This is called a shell, empty-headed company. So who is behind this? It is Zhong Yuanhong, it is Wu Zheng. They reported to the central government that we were successful. I will tell you that President Trump’s fund took a total of less than five million dollars. He said to the public that maybe I would get $800 million, why? Wu Zheng found a company and said if it is below $300 million, I will give you $300 million, just like he cheated Prince Charles, and that’s the end. What is the most important thing? The Chinese Communist Party is cheering ah. This is to pinch the other side’s soft spot.

Wu Zheng has now set up such a fraudulent company to deceive the former president of the United States. Wu Zheng is a U.S. citizen, but is afraid to come to the United States. But this incident has exposed him the most. As far as I know, no less than ten big media outlets are investigating this matter. After the investigation, people will know that the Communist Party wants to control President Trump who is the most promising American president to return to the White House again. Then Wu Zheng will have to face the investigation by the judiciary and congressmen.

Mr. Guo concluded by emphasizing that you must not attack President Trump, you are not qualified to do so.


2021年10月22日 文贵大直播

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