The misfortune of private entrepreneurs under the deceit of “prosper together”(Part 1,1/2)

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Some entrepreneurs were drawn into the system by the CCP and became red-top businessmen. Tencent founder Ma Huateng (in the middle) has twice become a representative of the CCP’s National People’s Congress. (Lintao Zhang/Getty Images)

After the slogan “Common Prosperity” put forward by the CCP in August, a gust of wind is blowing in China.

Although Li Keqiang, Liu He and other top CCP leaders in charge of the economy have made their voices to appease private enterprises from time to time, under the real purge on the other side of the authorities, private entrepreneurs have recently donated money and voluntarily moved closer to the CCP. He was dragged to engage in the activity- the CCP’s so-called  “not forgetting the original intention”. The outside world is wondering, what kind of ecology is this for Chinese entrepreneurs? Is this safe?

Red-Top capitalist

CCP official media Xinhua Finance’s Twitter account @XinhuaFinancial issued a post on October 14, claiming that CCP members’ private entrepreneurs “don’t forget their original aspirations and keep their mission in mind” at the graduation ceremony held at the Red Boat Cadre Academy in Jiaxing, Zhejiang. The graduates included

Feng Lun, chairman of Vantone Group,

Zhou Shanhong, chairman of Jiangsu Wanshun Electromechanical Group,

Zong Qinghou, chairman of Hangzhou Wahaha,

Wu Yaofang, chairman of Jiangsu Yonggang Group,

Tian Yuan, chairman of China Enterprise Wanmeng,

and Chen Dongsheng, chairman of Taikang Insurance, etc.

The post is accompanied by a group photo of those CCP- member entrepreneurs.

Previously, state media reported that more than 30 CCP member entrepreneurs from all over the country visited the Memorial Hall of the First National Congress of the CCP as students, and went to Jiaxing, Zhejiang Province to receive on-site experiential teaching.

The outside world generally believes that according to the CCP’s fundamental dogma, private ownership is to be eliminated. The CCP claims to be a proletarian party, and it wants to exercise dictatorship over the bourgeoisie. However, after the so-called reform and opening up during the Deng Xiaoping era, in 2001, Jiang Zemin put forward the so-called “three represents” in his “July 1” speech, openly allowing private entrepreneurs to join the CCP.

Hu Ping, the honorary editor-in-chief of “Beijing Spring”, told The Epoch Times: “Since the reform and opening up, it has actually taken the lead in heading towards the capitalist road. Jiang Zemin’s three representatives have allowed capitalists to join the party. Isn’t it strange? The CCP’s definition is to eliminate the bourgeoisie. As a result, the bourgeoisie can join the Communist Party without contradicting itself? This is completely contrary to what the CCP’s fundamental belief.”

For the CCP to engage party members of private entrepreneurs to study and make high-profile propaganda, Epoch Times columnist Wang He stated:  the first thing the authorities want to do is to let these people drive the entire group of entrepreneurs closer to the party and follow the party’s words; the second is to create an atmosphere for its common prosperity by such operation, set off a movement climax, and there may be many follow-up actions.

prosper together

Jack Ma, the founder of Alibaba, is also a member of the Communist Party of China, but in the eyes of the authorities, he is a typical mistake. After criticizing the Chinese Communist government’s financial regulators at an event in Shanghai in October 2020, Jack Ma became the target of purge. As a result, the authorities began to continue to use anti-monopoly reasons to strengthen the supervision of multiple industries, from the data security investigation of the online-hailing leader Didi Dache, to video games, education and training, financial technology, food delivery, cryptocurrency, and The recent real estate sector has caused a chilling effect among private entrepreneurs in China.

At the meeting of the Central Committee of Finance and Economics on August 17 this year, Xi Jinping said that he wanted to “prosper together.” The core content of the conference is the “three distributions” of private wealth through taxation and other means.

Observers believe that this is Xi Jinping’s move to create the legitimacy for the 20th National Congress of the CCP next year.

A large number of private enterprise bosses began to respond to the authorities’ slogan of ” prosperity together”. Not only did they proactively vowed to show their loyalty, they also have to constantly make “practical deeds” and donate huge sums of money.

Tencent announced on August 18 that it would invest 50 billion yuan in so-called rural revitalization. In April, Tencent invested 50 billion yuan to launch “Sustainable Social Value Innovation”.

Other private enterprise owners have also donated huge amounts of money, including

  • the original Bytedance CEO Zhang Yiming donated 500 million yuan;
  • Alibaba donated 100 billion yuan;
  • Meituan’s Wang Xing donated 2.27 billion US dollars;
  • Xiaomi’s Lei Jun donated 2.2 billion US dollars;
  • Huang Zheng of Pinduoduo donated more than 2.2 billion US dollars and promised to donate the company’s net profit in full in the coming year.

The founder of Meituan Wang Xing also stated on August 30 that the concept of prosper together is rooted in Meituan’s genes. He also touted that the central government’s recent series of regulatory measures are for the sustainable and orderly development of the industry and the realization of prosperity together.

When floods broke out in Shanxi earlier, Tencent first announced a donation of RMB 50 million for disaster relief on October 10. Ant Financial and ByteDance followed suit.

This is the latest wave of “forced” donations from the rich.

On October 11, Wang Jianlin, the boss of Dalian Wanda, announced on Wanda’s WeChat account that, starting from himself, all Wanda’s senior executives above the vice president would “all changed their limousines to made in China Red Flag.”

Earlier on December 26, 2020, Ningsu held the “30th Anniversary Ceremony”. Group Chairman Zhang Jindong appealed, “As a representative of a company, a representative of a large company, a company is an individual, and a big company belongs to society and the Country.”

In CCP unique political rhetoric, the society and the country are often referring to the CCP.

Even if the entrepreneurs constantly showing their loyalty, the authorities will not slow down the pace of purge.

Reuters reported on October 13 that two people familiar with the matter said that the CCP is considering improving the status of the Anti-Monopoly Bureau under the State Administration for Market Supervision. Municipal Supervision Bureau.

If it is true, this may be a new trend of purging private enterprises under the banner of anti-monopoly frequently in the near future.

  • “Entrepreneurs are doing charities, but a good reputation has to credit to CCP”

The “Seeking Truth” magazine sponsored by the Central Committee of the CCP published Xi Jinping’s speech at the time on its official website on October 15th, emphasizing the idea of constructing primary distribution, redistribution, and the 3rd time distributions.

Hu Ping told The Epoch Times, “China is now in economic difficulties. Under the banner of so-called prosperity Together, Xi Jinping needs to squeeze some oil and water from you from private enterprises. In addition to taxation, he will also persecute you to take out some money in the name of donation.”

He said that this is different from the donations made by rich people in normal countries of market economy, and the credit is given to these capitalists. Chinese private entrepreneurs do charity is required by the government, and the CCP must credit the good reputation of their charities.

“Xi Jinping wants to achieve such a society that only the Party can be the largest and only its leader is the Supreme , and the Party control all.” Hu said.

Wang He said that Xi is now asking entrepreneurs to contribute some money. If you don’t obey, you will be labelled as unkind as the nasty rich. This is moral kidnapping and will be followed with political kidnapping.

Do those entrepreneurs hate the CCP in their hearts? They must for sure, but they can’t show it. They can only learn to hunch over and kowtow to the CCP. “

“The purpose of the CCP is not to kill all these people. It wants you to be like a mule and put a blindfold on you. You have to work for him forever, and you have to keep running business to make money for CCP.”

Will there be some entrepreneurs stand up to CCP, such as Miles Guo, the Chinese billionaire  and leader of Whistleblowers Movement? let’s read the 2nd part of this article.

Commentary: It is not easy for the outside world to understand how the CCP works, especially since everything about the CCP is made up of self-contradictory lies. But after more than four years of Miles Guo’s exposing the CCP through the Whistleblowers movement, it’s easy to understand the CCP:

  • Don’t listen or believe what the CCP said or says, because they are all lies for one purpose, and they themselves don’t even believe them.

To use Wang Qishan’s interpretation is: Whatever the Party asks you to do, you do it! The “party” refers to the party leaders whose only task is to hold the power. Their goal is to be able to keep their position in power at all costs and by any means. Therefore, the organization of CCP is actually a meat grinder, and everyone is meat to be grinded, including Xi Jinping!

Following this line of thinking, reading both parts of this article is to witness the nature of the CCP’s meat grinder from the misfortunes of China’s so-called private entrepreneurs!

Bear in mind NO.1, the real tune of Prosper together is to rip off the rich entrepreneurs, transfer their hard earning money and wealth to the top CCP kleptocracies. Nothing as what the phrase suggests to benefit the entire nation evenly. Miles Guo demonstrated the relations of CCP and private entrepreneurs very vividly like pimp and prostitutes, even worse than prostitutes in many ways.

Also bear in mind NO.2: when CCP refers it is for China and Chinese, it is indeed kidnaps China and Chinese. That’s why from the very first day Miles Guo started his life broadcast publicly, he made very vital distinction: CCP is not equal to China, nor it is representing Chinese people.

Next article: The misfortune of private entrepreneurs under the deceit of “prosper together”(Part 2, 2/2)

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