UK Will Introduce Facial Recognition Apps to Government Services

Translated by: MOS Finance Team – Michael

According to a report by Breitbart News on October 14, after the British government has deployed the COVID-19 vaccine passport application, it will also introduce a facial recognition application for citizens who want to obtain a series of public services.

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This new application called is expected to launch at the end of next year and will enable citizens to authenticate the user using facial recognition and fingerprint scanning, granting access to more than 300 government service.

A new group, the Digital Advisory Committee, is also expected to be announced to oversee the government’s expanding virtual device. Business leaders from the banking industry, including Lloyds Banking Group, HSBC, and European utilities company E.ON have also planned to join the committee.

The National Health Service (NHS) admitted that they will share such information with the police during criminal investigations which caused people to raised privacy concerns about the system and so called so-called anonymous apps.

The head of the civil liberties movement “Big Brother Watch”, Silk Kahlo, testified before the House of Lords Judicial and Home Affairs Committee on Tuesday, saying that in the absence of any parliamentary participation and almost no supervision system, tens of millions of Britons has already been facial scanned unknowingly.

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