The Social Security Fund of the Communist Party of China is actually $100 billion, and 96% is given to the party leaders

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In the live broadcast on the 18th, Mr. Wen Gui talked about the social security issues of the Communist Party of China.

According to Miles Guo, the total amount of the CCP’s national social security fund is US$250 billion in nominal terms, but only US$100 billion is left. Among this, 96% of social security funds are given to retired party members and cadres of the CCP.

Miles pointed out that there are currently about 130 million retired party members and cadres in the CCP. In other words, among China’s 1.4 billion people, except for the families of CCP members and cadres, the remaining 1.3 billion people can only get 4% of the national social security.

In addition, Miles also mentioned that the CCP does not have a social security system, only a social security fund. The social security fund is a legal entity and is responsible for its own profits and losses. The first registered owner of the CCP Social Security Fund was Dai Xianglong, the father-in-law of Che Feng and the former president of the Bank of China. Later, Che Feng persuaded Dai Xianglong to defraud social security funds to invest in listed companies. According to Miles, Ping An Group has now taken 45% of the entire China Social Security Fund. Once the Ping An Group implodes, the money will no longer be recoverable.

The Chinese people have no money, and yet they have to give money to the social security fund. However, whether the social security fund is profitable or not, the people must bear the consequences. In the end, it is the ordinary people who suffer.

Reference: 中共社保基金实为一千亿,96%给了中共退休干部

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