Concerns Over UK Government Vaccine Policy for Kids Aged 12 to 15

Translated by: MOS Media Team – CloudSky

A local Leicester (UK) newspaper reported that on Oct 12, a 11-year-old student at a Leicester secondary school died a short time after she went into cardiac arrest and collapsed. The school community and families were immersed in great grief.  There were no mentions on whether the girl was COVID vaccinated or not.

But the news has sparked lots of online speculations since sudden heart problems have been widely reported, especially for healthy youngsters after being jabbed with COVID vaccines. This news is particularly unsettling since UK government has issued a policy requesting “Young people aged 12 to 15 to be offered a COVID-19 vaccine”, which was released on September 13, 2021. The vaccines from Pfizer/BioNTech COVID-19 are offered in this case. 

In UK, Pfizer vaccine has been approved for kids aged 12 to 15.

In just a few months, there have been many tragic incidents of sudden death of teenagers in the UK and the United States. Despite the MSM’s denial of the incidents being vaccine related, they never have offered any plausible reasons why all of sudden so many healthy young kids have heart issues or even succumb to unclear-reasoned heart failures. At the same time, big pharma Pfizer is putting pressure on the FDA and other national drug administrations to quickly promote the vaccination of young children.

With the Halloween season is around the corner, the MSM is on a full-on mode acting as the devil’s advocates for the insidious evil forces. Be aware of those poisonous, injury-inducing COVID-19 vaccines in the disguise of trick-or-treating green-passes or permissions.

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