Where’s Jack Ma?

According to the October 20 Miles Guo GTV Talk, Jack Ma has been under criminal investigation by the Chinese Communist Party since October 2020.

On October 3, 2020, news reported that the Chinese government had a ‘regulatory talk’ with Jack Ma. In fact, Ma was arrested due to a criminal investigation by the Chinese Communist Party (‘CCP’). He cooperated with the CCP, handed over several financial papers and agreed to bring his overseas assets back to China. 

Twenty-eight of Ma’s family members, including his mother, his wife and his son, Ma’s business partner and assistant, David Yu, Yu’s family, Alibaba’s 20 executives and their families have been arrested and taken into custody then. Ma himself has been under strict control by the CCP. He doesn’t have freedom of movement to this day. 

Two days earlier, news came that Jack Ma appeared in Spain, on a trip to Mallorca island where his luxury yacht is anchored. The real situation is, Ma went to Spain to deal with his assets, accompanied by 20 Chinese government and police officials, including 7 armed SWAT police from the CCP National Ministry of Public Security, officials from the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection, and managers from People’s Bank of China. He first went to Hong Kong to sell his properties, then applied for entrance to Spain on October 14, with the purpose to sign the transactions of his yacht, three pieces of land and several holding companies. This is similar to what had happened to former HNA CEO Wang Jian, who died on a trip to Provence, France, in 2017. 

According to Mr. Miles Guo, it’s impossible for the media or the public to track Ma’s whereabouts, means of transportation and destinations, unless the CCP intelligence releases the information. The websites that firstly reported on it is definitely a CCP mouthpiece. The news about Jack Ma’s trip to Spain came on purpose. On the one hand, Ma is kidnapped to Spain to make forced transactions of his overseas assets. On the other hand, his trip was described as a ‘study tour to Europe for the first time in more than a year’, to hype Alibaba’s stock price. When the stock price rises to a high level, Ma will sell it all, including those entrusted shares under his name. The money will go to the CCP. This is a state-level fraud of stock manipulation by the CCP.

The twenty Chinese government and military officials accompanying Jack Ma are traveling with fake passports and identities. This is illegal and subject to arrest in any country. Mr. Miles Guo has detailed information of their real names, identities and backgrounds. These officials’ families have been taken into custody as well, in case they collude with Ma. But Mr. Guo says, 12 of them have already been bribed and bought by Ma. For Ma, two possible endings await him. He will be killed and disappeared after his sellout, like what happened to Wang Jian. Or, he will be transferred and detained in a country in Europe where the CCP has control of. If Ma escapes the control before the stock manipulation is done, there’s a possibility that he is let go by the bribed accompanying officials, or killed by them, who, then indicating, are working as double agents for the ‘Jiang Faction’ within the CCP factional battles. 

Currently, Jack Ma has over 3,000 assets transactions at hand. Many of his assets in the the U.S. are entrusted to Joseph Tsai, who purchased New York Yankees and a 250 million real estate at 220 Central Park South, NY. About 75% of Tsai’s property in America actually belongs to Ma. Tsai failed to disclose the ultimate beneficiary of the transactions to IRS. This allegedly constitutes a crime of money laundering on behalf of Ma. 

Among the Chinese entrepreneurs associated with Jack Ma, Alvin Jiang has a major collaboration relationship with him. Jiang’s Boyu Capital has investments in WeChat, DiDi, Bank of Shanghai, Industrial Bank, Tik Tok, Zoom, Lufax, to name a few, which involves over a thousand fund companies. All the listed companies related to Ma, Jiang and Alibaba have been or are under criminal investigations, but none of them has truthfully disclosed their cases to the U.S. government. Besides, they allegedly failed to provide genuine financing conditions and documents to the U.S. market. This is fraud and likely to cause great losses to U.S. taxpayers. No fund manager can afford to ignore such fraud and take the responsibility. 

Mr. Guo says, the CCP has launched an ‘Economic Revolution’ in China, mainly to strengthen its regime and ruling power. At the same time, it will plunder the world investment in China. Its ultimate goal is to launch an unrestricted economic war onto America and the West. It uses thousands of Chinese business figures as the spearhead and tool in the battle, Jack Ma, Alvin Jiang, Ma Mingzhe, Ma Huateng, Pan Shiyi, Wang Jianlin, Dong Wenbiao, Lu Zhiqiang, etc.. Eventually, the CCP wants to destroy the Pension Funds, Social Security Funds, economies and stock markets in the U.S. and Europe. 

Disclaimer: This article only represents the author’s view. Gnews is not responsible for any legal risks.

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