GT Online: Oppressive CCP Regime Led to the Ou Jinzhong Murder Case

Written by: Qingyi

Translated by: billwilliam

Recently, the “Ou Jinzhong murder case” was widely reported in Communist China. Yet the Chinese Communist Party regime didn’t expect that public opinions and media almost all expressed sympathy to the murderer Ou Jinzhong. The public opinions believed that government oppression forced him to commit the crime. Ou reportedly murdered his neighbor’s family because he couldn’t obtain fair arbitration of a land dispute with his neighbor for years.

The murder happened on October 10 at the Shanglin Village, Pinghai Town, Putian City, Fujian Province. The suspect Ou Jinzhong went on a stabbing spree against his neighbor’s family, killing two people and injuring three before fleeing into the local mountains. On October 18, the Putian City Police Bureau announced that the suspect Ou Jinzhong killed himself in a cave when he was surrounded by the police. 

What is Ou’s motive for the murder? According to, Ou had been involved in a land dispute with his neighbor for five years. Because of the dispute, he couldn’t build his own house and had to live in a makeshift hut. A recent typhoon blew the steel sheet on the roof of his hut into his neighbor’s territory, which further escalated the conflict. Ou then murdered his neighbor’s family in a rage.

Public opinions leaned toward Ou and expressed sympathy for him. Some media even described the incident in this way: villager Ou Jinzhong committed murder because bullies in the village prevented him from building his own house for years.

In fact, Ou Jinzhong had almost exhausted all legal means to resolve the dispute in the past five years. He had contacted the village’s officials, the police, visited the Office of Letters and Visits (an agency accepting complaints), called the mayor’s telephone hotline, and contacted newspapers and TV stations, but he couldn’t find any legal assistance.  

Ou later heard about posting his grievances online. Being poor and uneducated, he bought a cheap smartphone and learned to send posts on Weibo. He even purchased a Weibo membership to boost reposts online. After the murder case, a Beijing News reporter visited the hut inhabited by Ou’s family. On a cigarette box, Ou wrote the contact information of many agencies: media, Office of Letters and Visits, Disciplinary Inspection Agency, Police. Ou eventually chose murder as all his other efforts for a fair resolution of the dispute failed.      

Before the murder, Ou has very good reputation online. Thirty years ago, he risked his life to save a young boy from drowning in the sea; he also saved stranded dolphins, as reported by local media. On a Weibo post, the guy who was saved by Ou 30 years ago even expressed gratitude and begged mercy for him, but the post was quickly deleted. Local villagers said Ou is a good guy and a humble person.

Communist China’s justice system is extremely corrupt and never upholds the rule of the law, so the system leads to murders when the common people cannot address their grievances through legal means.

Under the CCP’s totalitarian rule, the common people’s basic human rights are stripped away as no media will voice their concerns. There is no way for the common people at the bottom of the society to vent their grievances if they encounter injustice, so some people have been forced to commit murders under oppression. Admittedly, Ou Jinzhong committed the felony of murder, but the negligent CCP regime that never upholds the rule of the law is also guilty.    


Disclaimer: This article only represents the author’s view. Gnews is not responsible for any legal risks.

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