Consistent governance by fraud, yield reduction resulting from disasters disguised by a bumper crop

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In late September, Wu Guoding, deputy governor of Henan province, told the media that various sectors, especially agriculture, were expected to suffer heavy losses from successive torrential rain and inundation, the Liberty Times reports. Henan used to be a major food-producing province in Communism China, whereas the reduction of autumn grain output is inevitable given that the flood-affected an estimated 15.15 million Mu of farmland and crop area.


But barely a month later, the authorities started disseminating the good news of bumper crop in Henan this autumn, where the CCTV Financial Channel quoted data from the Ministry of Agriculture on Oct 13th suggesting that CCP had harvested more than half the autumn grain and the heavy rainfall had a limited impact on grain yields. There are widespread suspicion and anger among local peasants, who blame the government for not mentioning disaster-stricken families or yield reduction. It is indeed a China nightmare that the official experts have anticipated a 20-billion-ton increase in grain production before the end of harvest. Over the past decades, CCP has perpetuated its approach of the great leap forward and governance by fraud for the exclusive purpose of stability maintenance, where grain yield reduction caused by flooding is disguised by a lie of a bumper crop.
Although state media emphasize the bumper crop, the year-on-year growth reaches up to 57.8% for food imports in the first four months according to CCP’s customs data. There is somewhere to survive the natural disaster, but there is nowhere to survive the man-made disaster. Statistics indicate that real signs of massive food shortages are gradually emerging.

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