Increased Concerns With The “Delta Plus” Variant Outbreak In The UK This Winter

Oct. 21st, 2021

Covid-19 Delta Plus variant is highly infectious and spreads faster (HT_PRINT)

According to a story in The Express on October 20th, 2021, more cases of infection by a new COVID-19 variant are occurring in the U.K.  The impact of this variant could be more significant this winter.

The so-called “Delta Plus” variant is a successor of  the Delta variant. Compared to earlier variants, such as Alpha and Delta, this variant seems to have a lower transmission rate.

The Prime Minister’s spokesman said the Government was “keeping a very close eye” on this new variant and will take action if necessary. However, the U.K. government’s current coronavirus plan keeps “putting all our energies into our vaccination programmes.” Such a vaccine-oriented policy ignores the fact that people can still get COVID infections after complete vaccination. Moreover, the side effects of COVID-19 vaccines can be incredibly harmful, causing sudden death or long-term health issues. Surely the long suffering public deserves the truth.

To read more details, please click the link: ‘More infectious’ Delta Plus Covid variant under investigation amid growing cases

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