The Taiwan military’s formal proposal to the U.S. for early delivery of F-16V order

Translated by: MOS Buddhism Team-Accelerator

In 2019, the Taiwan military invested $8 billion in purchasing 66 F-16V fighter aircraft from the U.S., where the contract provides for deliveries within 10 years. The rapid deterioration of the situation across the strait ratchets up pressure on the Taiwan military, who therefore looks forward to partial delivery of the fighter aircraft in advance to train pilots and achieve initial operational capability as soon as possible. It is reported Biden Administration has engaged in consultations with Taiwan officials on how to expedite the delivery.

Given that the F-5 fighter aircraft currently deployed at Chihhang Air Base, Taitung has become obsolete, the Taiwan military is in desperate need of this block of advanced F-16V fighter aircraft to enhance the air defense capabilities. Meanwhile, Mr. Guo revealed the classified information from a military specialist in the latest live broadcast. It is said U.S. Forces will inevitably intervene to defend its ally in case of CCP’s armed incursion into Taiwan, and also they have both confidence and capability to devastate all of CCP’s military facilities in domestic and overseas, including those in space and underground, within 3 minutes. This bombshell is undoubtedly a cardiotonic to military personnel and civilians in Taiwan. It appears to be a stern provocation to kleptocrats: accelerating the pace of reunification by force is suicide.

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