Jack Ma has lost freedom–under CCP’s intension to transfer asset to China

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Jack Ma once was the idol of most of young people in CCP China. In recent years, from 2019 he stepped down as chairman of Alibaba Board, the negative news about Jack Ma were widely broadcasted by the official media. He also gradually lost the faith from the young people.

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He founded Alibaba Board in 1999, under the help of the family of Jiang zeming, the President of the CCP China at the time, Alibaba Board successfully went public in Nasdaq and Hong Kong Stock Exchange. In the creation of Alibaba business Empire, Jack Ma had been the whiteglove for the CCP Red families including Jiang zeming(江泽民)and Wang qishan(王岐山)and Meng jianzhu(孟建柱)and Zeng qinghong(曾庆红).

Alibaba once reached its highest market value of US$548.8 billion,but since the initial public offering(IPO) of its financial company Ant Group was forced to postponed in 2020 Nov, Ali’s shares had been falling.

And according to Miles Guo’s broadcasting, since 2020 March, when Sun lijun, who was once the vice minister of Public Security in China, was arrested, CCP started to investigate Jack Ma as a criminal offense. And after that there was an economic crime investigation on him. In 2020 March, Jack Ma, as one of the major shareholders, he should disclose the issue of his investigation publicly, but he didn’t. And the truth is, Jack Ma’s boss Jiang zhicheng(江志成), the grandson of Jiang zeming, the real boss of Boyu Capital, were arrested and released twice at the same time. He didn’t disclose those investigation publicly neither.

Jack Ma has been arrested and investigated and in a situation of loss of freedom in life since 2020 March. We could see that there were only 3 publicly appearances of Jack Ma since March, 2020.

In Nov 2nd, 2020, major medias reported that the People’s Bank of China, China Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission, China Securities Regulatory Commission and State Administration of Foreign Exchange conducted regulatory inspections on Ant Group’s de facto controller Jack Ma, chairman Inouye and president Hu Xiaoming.

Rong yiren(荣毅仁), as an accomplished Chinese private entrepreneur, he lost his totally asset in the Public-Private Partnership Campaign(公私合营) in 1956, and then in the Cultural Revolution Movement, he lost his index finger was and also lost the sight in his left eye due to the tortures.

Jack Ma may have similar life experience like Rong yiren at half century apart. After March, 2020, CCP has ordered Jack Ma to make a detail description about his asset and enterprise’s transactions and to obey the CCP’s orders absolutely, Jack Ma has to hand over his asset to CCP.

On Oct 12th, mainstream medias reported that Jack Ma had travelled to Spain via Hong Kong. It is to create an illusion that Alli is still in a good situation, thus its stock price are expected to surge, and then he would sell out the stocks because actually Jack Ma has been held as hostage to dispose of all his foreign assets, and transfer the full benefits from the deals back China to CCP. He and other so-called famous private entrepreneurs like Wang jianlin(王健林), and the couple of Pan shiyi(潘石屹)and Zhang xin(欣)were nothing more than the white-gloves for CCP Red families.

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CCP would destroy the economics and finance of the United States and other western countries with the help of these entrepreneurs. In fact, many foreign pension funds from different countries like Canada, Japan had largely invested in those companies, which are under the control of CCP. And as the collapse of Evergrande, many Chinese companies would not be able to pay back the foreign debts. The leaders of private enterprises leaders like Jack Ma, Ma mingzhe(马明哲), Ma huateng(马化腾)and so on are the weapons for CCP’s unrestricted economy warfare to undermine the western countries and eventually cause their economic crisis.

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