10/20/2021 ChinaInsight

  1. Oct. 11th, a jeweler in Hefei, Anhui, stated that the store was demolished by the mall’s management company without notice and the jewelries worth $1,000,000 Went missing.
  2. Oct.17th, Chengdu, Sichuan, a woman bought a silver wine bowl online. The bowl was accidentally broken by her baby while unboxing. It was discovered that the bowl was actually made of porcelain. However the goods was accompanied by a “certificate of gem and jade identification”.
  3. Oct.18th, it was reported online that the boss of a stone factory in Macheng, Hubei deducted one thousand yuan from a worker’s wages, and the worker drove the loader to destroy the entire factory in a rage!
  4. Wuhan,Hubei. Owners without property rights. After the owners collectively refused to pay the property management fee, the community was forced to change the electricity meter by the property company. And paying the electricity fee was limited to only 10 yuan at a time.
  5. A food processing factory is cleaning the tripes. Food safety issues are severe. It’s messy and dirty.
  6. Recently, netizens shot a group of videos showing Shanghai Fudan University Affiliated Tumor Hospital being overcrowded. The ones who took the video questioned: “ why so many people suffer from cancer?”
  7. The quality of real estate in Mainland China is generally worrying. This is the low-quality real estate under the CCP’s real estate scam.
  8. Oct. 18th.  Father and son covered in dust arrived at Hefei Airport with no luggage.   Insider: his eldest son died in the factory.
  9. Oct. 16th, Sanya, Hainan. A car rushed into the sea! There is an impact mark at the rear of the car. The man in the car vomited a lot of foam after being rescued.
  10. Oct. 16th, Shulan, Jilin, a farmer harvests maize in the snow.
  11. The dean of an university criticized the policy of “letting migrant workers return to their hometowns to startfarming”.  He said:“Agriculture is already a loss-making industry. Do you(policymakers) think others are stupid? Why don’t you let your dad to do this” Policies in Communist China : deliberately restrict people with identity tags.

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