China’s Food Problem

Miles Guo:

According to the 1.4 billion people, 1.3 billion or 1 billion people

Communist Party 

per year

Need 6 million tons of food to feed the nation

Eating 1.8 billion

1.8 billion tons of pork

Probably, this number is not always accurate, right?

Think about it, brothers and sisters.

The Communist Party says China produces 6 million tons of grain per year

Do you believe it?

The most important thing is that Beijing wastes the highest amount of food in the world

I have asked many people

The food wasted on the Chinese table is 45% even more

The U.S. is between 4% and 17%, and the U.S. is already very wasteful

The most important thing, can these 300 million urban people equal the food with 700 million people or 1 billion rural people?

The Gansu Province, can those children in the mountains get enough to eat?

It wastes more than it gives to them.  There is no average

And this combined value, the so-called 6 million tons of food

And the pork, eaten oil

average the total to the people in China

Let’s do the math, how much do the Chinese eat every day, and how much do you eat every day?


6 million tons of grain a year, so how much do you need a day, brothers and sisters

So if it is said that Singapore are going to (eat) white porridge with soy sauce

Do you think the Chinese have white porridge with soy sauce?


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