Miles’ Perspective (10/20): Jack Ma’s doom as prelude to the CCP’s economic unrestricted war against the US

Written by: BG

Mr. Miles Guo dropped a bombshell in today’s broadcast regarding severe violations of SEC disclosure regulations by the high-profile Chinese magnates, including Jack Ma, Pan Shiyi couple, Alvin Jiang, etc. and stock price manipulation by the CCP as part of its unrestricted economic and financial war against the US.

According to Mr. Guo, today’s broadcast marks a moment of historical importance and what he says today as set forth below will be proved in the near future.

In the previous broadcast on October 17, I mentioned that Alvin Jiang was arrested twice and immediately released in 2020. Bruno Wu (registered CCP operative in the US) and Jack Ma were also arrested and interrogated, just like Wang Jianlin (chairman of Wanda), Xu Jiayin (chairman of Evergrande), and Ma Mingzhe (chairman of Ping An Group). Jack Ma, Wang Jianlin, Xu Jiayin, and Ma Mingzhe were all legal representatives, chairmen, and major shareholders of US-listed Chinese companies. These constitute criminal offence because when a chairman of a US-listed company is subject to criminal investigation, it must be disclosed immediately; or otherwise, the company has to compensate for any investors’ losses from their stock investment in this company. Failure to disclose such critical information is an act of fraud, a criminal offence.

Jack Ma, Wang Jianlin, Xu Jiayin, and Ma Mingzhe all underwent criminal investigation last year but none of them disclosed it to the public. Alvin Jiang’s apprehension may not need to be disclosed because he does not hold any important position in any listed company.

Pan Shiyi (CEO of SOHO) and his wife Zhang Xin (chairman of SOHO) are also ensnared in the same situation. Now Pan Shiyi is on a wanted list and the criminal investigation and economical crime investigation on him were initiated in May 2020 but has never been disclosed, which is also a criminal offence. This couple will for sure be locked behind bars with all their money and properties taken away for fines. Procedural documents about the CCP’s criminal investigation on Pan and evidence about his cover-up thereof will soon be exposed. Once a class action is kicked start, the lawyer can ask for this evidence and he must provide it.

Anyone who has bought the shares of SOHO, Alibaba, Wanda, Ping An, Tencent, etc., should pay attention to this godsend opportunity of making big money from the class actions against these companies. The chance of winning the lawsuit is almost 100%.

Wang Li-ke, former Secretary of the Political and Judiciary Commission of Jiangsu Province and a henchman of the Jiang faction, was arrested in March 2020, which was announced on April 19, 2020. Jack Ma was then locked up with a criminal investigation warrant of the People’s Republic of China which was followed by a notice of economic crime investigation. This happened before Jack Ma resigned from his position as director of Alibaba on September 30, 2020 and even after his resignation, he remained one of the major shareholders of the tech behemoth.

On October 1-3, 2020, when Ant Financial Services Group (AFS) was about to go public in Hong Kong, Jack Ma was deceived into believing that the CCP tried to do him a favor by letting AFS to go IPO on Shanghai Stock Exchange first and walked into the trap by boarding the plane to Shanghai. He was once again arrested for criminal investigation but he only announced that he was called into a meeting with the Chinese regulators on October 3.

Afterwards, Jack Ma was let out several times to fetch the commercial bills from his office under supervision. In the course of legal proceedings, he reached an agreement with the CCP that he will go abroad to bring back all his money, which involved his wingman Yu Feng whose family members, as well as those of more than twenty executives of Alibaba, were all incarcerated.

Jack Ma is not a free man today in Spain. He is escorted by 20 men, including 7 from the First Bureau of Ministry of Public Security and the Ministry of State Security, all armed hitmen. These men all use aliases in their passports. Jack Ma is in the same situation as Wang Jian was in Provence, France where Pei Nannan also used counterfeit passport.

These special policemen from the Central Guard Bureau, Economic Investigation Bureau, and Political Safeguarding Bureau of the Ministry of Public Security, all public servants and military men of Communist China, use false identities to perform official business in a foreign country, which is absolutely illegal. They can be arrested by the government of the country involved. What they are doing is indeed apprehension and abduction because Jack Ma’s mother, wife, son, father-in-law, and relatives, 28 people in total, are in custody back in China.

Jack Ma first flew to Hong Kong and then to Spain to dispose of his assets. He applied for this trip on October 14 on the pretext of selling his yacht, three pieces of land, and the shares of several holding companies for which he must sign in person to effect the deals.

This group arrived at Spain in two planes. Mr. Guo said the first media to report Ma’s trip to Spain must be a propaganda arm of the CCP (it seems was the first media to do so, and was followed by,, and other media) because the journalist shouldn’t have been able to know the flight records and destination and the purpose of the trip if he was not informed by the intelligence department.

The real purpose of the trip is to let Jack Ma dispose of his properties and at the same time release the news to buoy up the price of Alibaba so that Ma can sell the shares he owns or holds on behalf of others. This is an overt manipulation of stock price by the CCP, a stock market fraud.

All the financial institutions should take note of this point. On October 20, the CCP, while holding Jack Ma in abduction and the family members of Ma and other executives of Alibaba in custody, have 20 public servants, including officials of the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection and the People’s Bank and 7 special policemen, who hide their official identities, escort Ma to Spain and pulls strings on overseas media to hike up the price of Alibaba. This is overt criminal manipulation and crime.

Mr. Guo knows the name, identity, family background of each of the 20 officals and their family members are also held hostage to prevent them from colluding with Jack Ma. However, even under these circumstances, nearly half of these 20 CCP officials have be bought off by Jack Ma who will either be killed just like Wang Jian, chairman of Hainan Airlines, or sent to a country other than the US or Japan, possibly in Europe where the CCP dominates.

If Jack Ma is let loose, he is probably freed by those he has bribed; if he is killed, it is likely that the 20 officials play double game and kill him by order of the Jiang family. If none of these two scenarios happens, the stock price of Alibaba will plunge after surging up because Ma’s shares will be sold off massively. Well, Jack Ma will be left with two options: death or imprisonment.

What is Jack Ma doing now? He has to make around 3000 deals to dispose of all his assets. In the US, a most important person for his arrangement is Joseph Tsai, the Taiwanese who spent billions of dollars buying Brooklyn Nets. Tsai purchased the penthouse at 220, Central Park, New York, the most expensive property in Manhattan, at the price of USD 2.5 billion for Jack Ma and it has to be sold as well.

In fact, 75% of Trai’s wealth is held on behalf of Jack Ma, which is money laundering. Failure to disclose the final beneficiary of a transaction to Internal Revenue Service constitutes money laundering. Tsai is suspected of laundering 75% of Jack Ma’s wealth.

The 20 officials now keeping Jack Ma’s company are also involved in the case of Huang Youlang, the husband of Zhao Wei, a famous Chinese actress, and the case of Alvin Jiang, the third-generation don of the Jiang faction. Boyu Capital, Wechat, Didi Chuxing, Shanghai Bank, Industrial Bank, Tick Tok, Zoom, together with more than 1000 funds, all belong to Jaing Zhicheng.

We have to ask whether the US-listed companies related to Jaing Zhicheng, Jack Ma, and Alibaba, such as Tick Tok, Zoom, and Lufax, have disclosed to SEC the fact that they are now under criminal investigation. If they have not disclosed this information and cause losses to the American tax payers, and if they ever failed to provide proper conditions and documents for financing from the US market, they should be sued for security fraud.

Now the CCP is launching an economic reform in China at full blast mainly to fortify its rule and leadership and in the meantime, to seize the foreign investments in China, with the purpose of waging an economic unrestricted war against the US and the west by putting Jack Ma, Alvin Jiang, Ma Mingzhe, Pony Ma, Pan Shiyi, Wang Jianlin, Dong Wenbiao (chairman of Minsheng Bank), Lu Zhiqiang, and more than 10,000 Chinese entrepreneurs on the frontline. The ultimate goal of the war is to wipe out the pension funds and social insurance funds of the US and Europe and tear down the stock market and economy of the US.


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