How Deeply Does The CCP Disrupt California Politically And Ethically ?

Joel Anderson,Former state senator in California. (Screenshot)

Epoch TV’s California Insider program interviewed Joel Anderson, a former state senator in California, on October 18th, 2021. He warned that the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) – the Chinese government – has profoundly affected California’s legislation, media, investment, retirement funds, education, Hollywood, etc. Unfortunately, not many Californians realize the potential danger.

Mr Anderson shared his story of how he got a six-page letter from the Chinese consulate in San Francisco, saying he was considered a terrorist and would be arrested and sentenced if he attempted to enter Mainland China. To his surprise, the CPP also sent the letter to other members of the state legislature, directly causing their withdrawal from his proposed bill that supported Falun Gong practitioners.

Anderson evoked California leaders to stand up to Communist China and its hegemony and influence throughout the world. He urged people to write to their legislators and ask them to call on the CCP to stop the genocide against people of faith.

To read more details, please click the link: Former State Senator Explains the Chinese Communist Party’s Influence in California

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