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This is a (paraphrased) translation of Miles Guo’s livestream on Oct 20th, 2021

The key topic of today’s live broadcast is about Jack Ma. What exactly happened with him, and why did he go to Spain? I hope that today’s live content will be the most important moment in Chinese history.

Xi Jinping (President of China) approached Song Ping (Former General Secretary of Jiang Zemin era) to find out why Jack Ma actually tried to overthrow the system, and why Wang Like (CCP Police Official), Meng Jianzhu (Former Minister of Public Security of China) and Sun Lijun (Former Chinese Police Chief) got involved and tried to assassinate Xi. Xi believes that the Chinese people have great respect for him. Song Ping told him that Jack Ma, Ma Mingzhe (Chairman of Ping An Insurance) and Ma Huateng (also known as Pony Ma, he is the Founder, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Tencent) are promoting the issues that all Chinese people are concerned with – they represent the economic power, internationalization, the present, the future, the Internet. So, the business community, the Shanghai’s economists, as well as the intellectual and legal communities are expecting something to happen to him (expecting Xi will have trouble or die). Song Ping stressed that even though the poor want Xi to stay in power, he only represents the interests of the poor. Except for the poor, all other classes wish Xi want him to resign or die.

The core of this revelation today is that China is completely separated based on class again. The poor all want Xi in power, but all of China’s proletariat, the cultural community, the legal community, private entrepreneurs, real estate developers, etc. all want Xi out of power or disappeared.

In my October 17 livestream I said that Jiang Zhicheng (also known as Alvin Jiang, a grandson of Former Chinese President and Communist Party Leader Jiang Zemin) was arrested. To be precise he was arrested twice in 2020 and both times was released immediately. In the same year Bruno Wu (Wu Zheng, registered Chinese Communist Party (CCP) Agent) and Jack Ma were also arrested, questioned, and then both were released as well. The key point that people should pay attention to is: when were they were arrested, and what was their status in their public company?

They were the legal principal, or CEO, or chairman, or major shareholder of a listed company in the U.S. Therefore, if any of them were criminally investigated they had to make an announcement immediately. If they did not make an announcement and caused serious stock losses, they had to pay for it personally, because it was a criminal fraud. The reason for their arrest at the time was that they were involved in a criminal investigation. But Jack Ma, then Wang Jianlin (Founder of Dalian Wanda Group), Xu Jiayin (Chairman of Eergrande Group), Ma Mingzhe, Ma Huateng, Pan Shiyi (Chairman of SOHO China) and his wife Zhang Xin (Co-Founded SOHO with Pan) were all criminally investigated for not making public disclosures.

Jiang Zhicheng, on the other hand, was not involved in this liability issue and he had no position in a listed company. 

After Sun Lijun was arrested in March 2020 and his arrest was announced by the Chinese government on April 19, the investigation of Jack Ma began. Jack Ma was issued a Criminal Investigation Letter from the People’s Republic of China, followed by an Economic Crime Investigation Letter. Jack Ma received these letters of investigation before he left his position as an officer of the listed company Alibaba, but he did not disclose them. After Jack Ma left his position as CEO and chairman, he was still one of the major shareholders. So, anybody who bought shares in the companies of Jack Ma, Pan Shiyi and his wife Zhang Xin, Wang Jianlin, Ma Mingzhe and Ma Huateng, will have an unprecedented opportunity to make money by suing, and are almost certain of winning. Pan Shiyi’s criminal investigation, and economic crime investigation began in May 2020, and he did not disclose that he was accused of a criminal offense. Neither did Wang Jianlin.

On October 2, 2020, Jack Ma was arrested during the listing of his Ant Financial Services in Hong Kong or Shanghai. He did not disclose this fact, which is another financial and economic crime.

Pan Shiyi and his wife will definitely end up in jail and the GM building will definitely be confiscated. They have completely covered up all criminal investigations by the Chinese government. No matter who prosecutes them, the lawyers have a legal right to get the data that must be provided. So, they can’t hide it.

When Jack Ma announced on October 3, 2020 that he was questioned, he did not disclose that he is under criminal investigation. Since then, during the time he was investigated in the criminal proceeding, he repeatedly exited the detention center and attended his company premises, and other places, to get his files and notes, because he had already made a deal with the CCP to hand over all his money. His deputy named Yu Feng and two dozen executives and their families were also all arrested. I am legally required to say that Jack Ma has lost his freedom. 

Those 20 people currently following Jack Ma in Spain are all sent by the CCP government. Seven of them are police officers from the First Bureau of the Chinese Ministry of Public Security or State Security, all of them are first-class killers, carrying weapons with them and using fake names. It was the same situation as when HNA’s Wang Jian (Former Chairman of Hainan Airline) was murdered in Provence, France, when many of the people around him were using fake passports.

Now it is the Central Security Bureau or the Special Economic Investigation Police of the Ministry of Public Security, or the Special Assassination Police of the Political Security Department, who appear in Spain with false identities. They are state servants, special police of the Chinese Communist government. It’s illegal for them to go to any country with a fake passport. If they appear in any country, and any local civilians can arrest them.

The kidnapping of Jack Ma by these 20 people made him cooperate with them because his mother, father-in-law, wife, children and other 28 people in total were under CCP detention. They first asked him to go to Hong Kong to dispose of his assets, and then on October 14 applied to go to Spain, applying on the grounds that he was going to Spain to sell his yacht and three pieces of land on an island, as well as several holding companies which required his personal signature. A total of two planes went to Spain.

The media that first broke the story about Jack Ma flying to Spain must be controlled by the CCP, because only the intelligence agencies know the flight records of Jack Ma and his party, and what kind of yacht they were on. Jack Ma’s trip to Spain must have been released by the CCP. Even China’s Standing Committee is unlikely to know the plans or details of Jack Ma’s trip, let alone the media, which is even less likely to know such accurate information.

They did this for two purposes, to get him to Spain to dispose of his assets under duress, and to release the false information that he was free in Spain in order to raise the price of Alibaba’s listed shares. After the price rises, the CCP will make him sell the shares he held for others and his own shares.

This is a national level criminal fraud of stock manipulation by the CCP. 

All financial institutions around the world, remember what I said today. On October 20th the CCP kidnapped 28 of Jack Ma’s family members, 21 executives and their entire families. Twenty of the individuals accompanying him are from the Chinese police (7 from the police SWAT) or the Chinese Discipline Inspection Commission or the People’s Bank of China. These high-ranking CCP officials, hiding their official status, went to Spain to manipulate the overseas media and speculate by raising Alibaba’s stock price – an open national criminal offense.

I know the names, identities, and family backgrounds of each of these 20 people whose families have also been kidnapped by the CCP for fear of their collusion with Jack Ma. Today I am responsible to tell you another key point, these 20 or so people, more than half (12 people) have been bribed by Jack Ma. Jack Ma will probably end up either murdered like Wang Jian, or sent to some other country because he can’t come to the US or Japan, and Europe is CCP-controlled territory. If Jack Ma is assassinated, it will be these people sent by the Jiang family to kidnap him who will kill him. When Jack Ma’s stock rises and he is forced to sell it, he will end up either being killed or sent to jail. This must be his end.

Jack Ma is now trying to liquidate a total of more than 3,000 assets. His most important representative in the U.S. is (Taiwanese) Chung-Shin Tsai, who bought the Yankees for several billion dollars. 220 Central Park (penthouse) in New York (Manhattan) was bought for $250 million. Jack Ma is the real owner of the apartment and is now asking for all of it to be sold. Tsai Chongxin is holding 75% of Jack Ma’s wealth. In the U.S., this is considered money laundering if you do not truthfully report to the IRS or related agencies, and if you do not disclose the ultimate beneficiary of the transaction. Tsai Chongxin laundered 75% of Jack Ma’s money.

The boss of the 20 people who kidnapped Jack Ma, including Ma himself, is Jiang Zhicheng.

Jiang Zhicheng’s Boyu investment holdings include WeChat, DDT, Bank of Shanghai, China Industrial Bank, thousands of fund companies, Tiktok and Zoom. Jiang Zhicheng and Jack Ma are related to TikTok and Zoom, Jack Ma’s Alibaba, Jiang Zhicheng’s Ping An and LuFax Holding Ltd. Under U.S. law, as officers of a public company, Jack Ma and Jiang Zhicheng must declare to the U.S. government, or relevant authorities, that they are, or have been, under criminal investigation by the CCP government. Did they report it? Also, before going public or when raising capital, if they did not provide truthful information, this caused losses to U.S. investors, and they would be guilty of financial fraud.

The CCP is rapidly engineering an economic revolution, mainly to strengthen the leadership and ruling power of the Communist Party, and at the same time to plunder all the world’s investments in China, with the ultimate goal of launching an economic unrestricted war with the United States and the West. Their tools are Jack Ma, Jiang Zhicheng, Ma Mingze, Ma Huateng, Wang Jianlin, Pan Shiyi, Lu Zhiqiang (Chairman of Oceanwide Holding), Dong Wenbiao (China Minsheng Investment) and other entrepreneurs of the CCP. The goal is to bring down the pension funds, social insurance funds and stock markets in Europe and America, and bring down the Western economy.

My fellow entrepreneurs in China, your only way to protect your families and preserve yourselves is to take down the CCP. This includes the 3,000 fund managers on Wall Street, the four rich, but sinful families in Hong Kong, Li Ka-shing, etc.

The CCP is engaged in unrestricted economic warfare with the world that nobody will be able to avoid. Only the New Federal State of China with its Whistleblower’s revolution is telling the world the truth. To Wall Street’s 3,000 fund companies or managers: if you read Miles Guo’s (my) revelations and do not act to prevent this catastrophe, then you are criminals. I have indicted you. Tens of thousands of successful Chinese entrepreneurs are being blackmailed by the CCP. Their family members have been effectively kidnapped and are restricted from leaving China. You should send letters to each one of them asking whether they and their families are free, whether they have received threats, and whether they are under criminal investigation by the Chinese government. If you do not investigate this information, you are all complicit. 

This is a warning sent by Miles Guo today via live broadcast to all governments around the world, to all countries and institutions that have invested in the CCP through Hong Kong, or in any other way, to protect your citizen’s pensions, retirement funds, and the assets of your country. The security status and authenticity of all individuals who invest in the Chinese communist countries, and their collaborators, should be fully exposed and subjected to legal scrutiny. If this does not happen, you will be held accountable by the people of your country. 

This is my response to all the private entrepreneurs in the West and mainland China who have asked me questions on this topic, and this is also my announcement to the world.


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