Regina Ip’s Voice Did Not Fall, And Shao Lan Was Released

Translated by: MOS Finesse Team-Gloria

On the 17th, Hong Kong student representative Shao Lan and Tibetan student Tsela Zoksang participated in a protest calling for a boycott of the Beijing Winter Olympics in Athens, Greece. They were detained by the Greek police.  Shao Lan was released on the 18th.  Earlier, after the Hong Kong Communist Party official Regina Ip learned of the news, she posted on social platforms, “Shao Lan is a Hong Kong social activist exiled overseas. It is time for her to taste how the Greek police, the birthplace of democracy, treat and abuse the freedom of expression!” The former security chief had not finished speaking, and Shao Lan had been released. 

During the Anti-Extradition Movement in 2019, the Hong Kong police under the control of the CCP’s dictatorship killed and abused opponents, resulting in nearly 20,000 casualties and disappearances.  The Hong Kong Academic International Affairs Delegation to which Shao Lan belongs has issued a condemnation and complaint to many countries and to the United Nations Human Rights Council. The so-called “enforcement” of the Chinese Communist Party Hong Kong government is far different from democratic countries! Ye Liu Shuyi not only laughed at the victims of Hong Kong people, but also  I thought “the crows in the world are as dark”, but got beaten in the face in one day.  The collective accomplices of Hong Kong represented by her are really a shame and scum for Hong Kong people!

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