GT Online: CCP Cracks Down on Coal Market Speculation and Controls the Lighting of City Night Scenes

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According to a NetEase on October 20, Premier Keqiang Li presided over an executive meeting of the State Council to hear the reports on the supply of energy for people’s livelihood, and demanded to ensure that people are safe and warm through the winter. Important measures include: fully protect the production and transportation of coal for heating. Crack down on the coal market speculation in accordance with the law; ensure the use of gas for heating in key northern areas, coordinate the use of gas resources, and ensure that the people are heated according to local conditions; reasonably control the lighting of the city’s night scenes and promote energy conservation.

On the evening of the 19th, the National Development and Reform Commission studied the implementation of policies to intervene in coal prices, and investigated the Zhengzhou Commodity Exchange, emphasizing strengthening supervision in accordance with the law, and investigating malicious speculation of power coal futures by capital. Power coal, coke, and coking coal all fell to a limit after the opening of domestic commodities on the 20th. At the same time, the local government is also controlling the lighting of the city’s night scene, compressing the lighting time of the night scene and controlling the light show.

Since September, the Communist China has been “pulling the plug on electricity” across the country, seemingly due to high coal prices and tight supply and demand. On the one hand, the official media is still promoting “maintaining the stability of the industrial supply chain, ensuring the supply of energy and electricity, and welcoming countries to invest in China”, but on the other hand, it cannot even meet the basic livelihood protection of the people. The national power grid and power generation groups are only controlled by a few CCP’s interest groups, they are just tools for infighting among themselves, while the livelihood of the people’s economy is not their focus at all. The CCP’s falsehoods will be accelerated to the world as the economic situation deteriorates further. 


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