GT Online: CCP Media Again Reported Changes in Alibaba’s Management to Underscore Jack Ma’s Downfall

Written by: Ping

Translated by: billwilliam

Today, the Chinese Communist Party’s media once again reported changes in Alibaba Group’s management in September: founder Jack Ma left the company; Yahoo withdrew; Alibaba elected five main board members, including two mainland Chinese and three foreigners.

Why did the CCP media report this news again more than a month later? I believe this is related to the news that Jack Ma recently fled from Hong Kong to Spain. The repeated media coverage is to emphasize that Jack Ma is ousted from Alibaba, implying he is a useless pawn who can be discarded by the CCP at any time. Jack Ma’s trip may have a hidden purpose: Jack Ma appeared to go on a holiday trip, but he might be forced to return the assets he held (for other kleptocrats) abroad back to China.

Mr. Miles Guo often mentioned Alibaba since his whistleblowing in 2017, and he predicted the outcome will be tragic for Jack Ma. After Mr. Guo’s whistleblowing is verified four years later, now Jack Ma’s glory days have become history. Mr. Guo also stressed that almost all countries around the globe collaborate with the CCP except the United States and Japan, where Chinese dissidents and entrepreneurs are still safe from the CCP’s kidnapping. The implied meaning is that Jack Ma may be extradited to Communist China if he is indeed in Spain.     

Second, the CCP media’s repeated coverage of changes in Alibaba’s management indicates that the company won’t enjoy special government support as it did previously. Based on the cruel reality, the private enterprise executives (who also collude with the CCP to plunder the Chinese people’s wealth) should plan ahead and stay away from Alibaba, a vortex of conflict.

The CCP is an evil system based on power. If a political faction gains the upper hand in infighting, its supporters are all promoted to high rankings; if a faction loses the political battle, its supporters are sent to jail. (Jack Ma is an ally of Jiang Zemin’s faction.) There is no rule of the law in Communist China—the CCP is just a group of hooligans who deceive and kill the Chinese people. Just as Mr. Guo noted, whereas Jack Ma, Sun Lijun (former deputy Minister of Public Security, now arrested), and Fu Zhenghua (former Minister of Justice, now arrested) have committed great evils, they should undergo fair trials and shouldn’t deserve the humiliating and inhumane treatment by the CCP. The New Federal State of China—the democracy founded by Mr. Guo—must achieve true justice and rule of the law in China.


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2 months ago

He may be able to find refuge in Poland or (believe it or not!) Russia. While I share Mr. Guo’s pessimism regarding Mr. Ma’s prospects, as more CCP backstabbing comes to light more people who thought they were CCP’s friends now know better! 他或许能够在波兰或(信不信由你!)俄罗斯找到避难所。 虽然我和郭先生一样对马先生的前景感到悲观,但随着越来越多的中共背后捅刀子被曝光,更多自以为是中共朋友的人现在知道得更清楚了!


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