The CCP Threatens The US And Canada Over “Stirring Up Trouble” In Asia Amid Taiwan Strait Tensions

Oct. 19th, 2021

The guided missile destroyer USS Dewey and frigate HMCS Winnipeg through the Taiwan Strait last week. (Photo:UK MOD CROWN COPYRIGHT)

According to a story revealed by on October 17th, 2021. The CCP regime has warned the US and Canada over their alleged interference in Taiwanese affairs. The statement was issued by the People’s Liberation Army’s Eastern Theatre Command, which blamed the US and Canada for “provoking and stirring up trouble… seriously jeopardizing peace and stability in the Taiwan Strait.” The Statement again reiterated that “Taiwan is part of Chinese territory.”

This warning arrives at a sensitive time as China just condemned the US and Canda for sending two warships, the guided missile destroyer USS Dewey and frigate HMCS Winnipeg through the Taiwan Strait last week. An act that is seen by the CCP as a challenge to its claim over Taiwan.

Taiwan has long been a point of tension between China and the West, even though Taiwan has an independent government and a thriving democracy, the CCP on the mainland still views Taiwan as a part of the PRC. Recently, the CCP general secretary Xi Jingping has repeatedly stated that he will use military force to reunify Taiwan with the mainland, causing not only war scares in the region but also grave concerns among all peace-loving nations in the world.

To read more details regarding this story please click the following link: China warns US and Canada over ‘stirring up trouble’ as Taiwan war fears soar

For a commentary video by BBC’s Ros Atkins, please following the link: BBC’s Ros Atkins delivers withering verdict on Taiwan and China war threat

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3 months ago

The CCP blinked. This makes them look weak. Even with their puppet in the White House, the CCP is still afraid of our Military. Ha! Let’s go Brandon! 中共眨了眨眼。 这让他们看起来很虚弱。 即使在白宫有他们的傀儡,中共仍然害怕我们的军队。 哈! 我们去布兰登!

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