Pompeo: Always Stand With the People of Hong Kong

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On Oct. 17, former U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo tweeted after being invited to a gathering of Hong Kong residents living in the United States that he would always stand with the people of Hong Kong.

Pompeo said in a tweet on the 17th: “This weekend, I attended a dinner and commemoration of the ‘Hong Kong Freedom Beacon’ hosted by Hong Kong Americans, during which I reaffirmed that I will always stand unapologetically with the people of Hong Kong.”

He also accompanied the tweets with pictures, including one showing him speaking at a large venue with an American flag and the slogan “Hong Kong Restoration, Times Revolution”.

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In addition, Pompeo said in a video recorded before the speech that he would address how Americans can resist authoritarian regimes.

During his tenure, Pompeo sharply criticized the CCP regime for its internal human rights violations and vicious external expansion. Following Beijing’s imposition of national security laws in Hong Kong last June 30, Pompeo pushed the Trump administration to impose sanctions on Beijing and Hong Kong officials and to end the U.S. special relationship with Hong Kong.

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