CCP slanders Bannon is “political virus”

Recently the CCP propaganda channel CCTV and People’s Daily published a disgusting articles to attack Mr Bannon. Article calls Bannon a “political virus”

The overall style of the article is like a hooligan scolding someone,Here are some words I summarized in the article by CCP to describe Bannon

极右民粹分子:Far right populist
扫地出门:Sweep out(by white house)
美国人民正处于水深火热之中:The American people are live in great misery
马前卒: Pawn

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TitleCCTVBannon’s fallacy is a “political virus” that must be eliminated

2020年04月01日 15:59 新浪网 作者 海外网

April 01, 2020 15:59,  Author:(CCTV Overseas


Source: CCTV


At present, the spread of the COVID-19 epidemic is accelerating globally; solidarity and cooperation have become an international consensus and an urgent demand. US President Trump made a clear call with Chinese President Xi Jinping a few days ago and stated clearly that he “will personally ask questions” to ensure that the United States and China eliminate interference and concentrate their energy on anti-epidemic cooperation. However, there are still many domestic noises that advocate the Sino-US confrontation and “decoupling” and become a destructive force that hinders collaboration between the two countries.


In a recent report in the NewYork Times, the far-right populist Steve Bannon in the United States once again appeared. Although he acknowledged that the United States is inseparable from China in many matters, he exaggeratedly stated that China and the United States are experiencing a “hot war of public opinion” and “economic war” and slandering the Chinese ruling party and the Chinese government as “a threat to the world.”


This is another “political virus” released by some unscrupulous people in the United States at the critical moment of the Sino-US cooperative war epidemic. Since the outbreak of the epidemic, these people have used the topic to continuously launch stigma attacks on China, deliberately create Sino-US cracks, encourage the two countries to confront each other, try to isolate China in the international community, And cover up the reality of the sluggishness and inefficiency of U.S. epidemic prevention in a shameful way of “swinging the pot” in China. Among them, Bannon, who was “swept out” by the White House, is one of the most vigorous people.


During his tenure as a senior strategic adviser to the White House, Bannon was known for his toughness against China. He had arrogantly stated that “China has become the greatest enemy of the United States” and “will carry out the ‘economic war against China’ to the end.” After being swept away by the White House, This stubborn anti-Chinese who persisted in the Cold War mentality still peddles and disseminates the “China threat theory” in an attempt to attract attention.


After the outbreak, Bannon may feel the opportunity to brush up the presence. He once worked with tabloid reporters on a radio program to concoct rumors that the virus came from China’s “biochemical war.” In this interview with the New York Times, he also said that he must call “war,” showing the confrontation with China Desire and fanaticism are crazy.


Doesn’t he know that the number of confirmed cases of COVID-19 pneumonia in the United States is already the largest in the world and that the American people are suffering in boiled water and urgently need external assistance? At this critical juncture, he insisted on going all the way to the black on the anti-China road, sensationally rendering the Cold War thinking against China, nothing more than to cater to the needs of the special interest groups of the United States, to serve as a pawn for public opinion and to earn more for himself Political capital. For American society today, this kind of speech is extremely crazy and dangerous!


According to Anthony Fauci, the chief infectious disease expert of the US federal government, the number of people who will eventually die from the epidemic in the United States may reach 100,000 to 200,000, and it is estimated that millions of people will be infected in the United States. In a speech recently, US leaders said with anxiety, “I have seen black bags with corpses moving out of a (New York) hospital.” “I have never seen anything like this.”


For this reason, many wisdom people of insight in the United States have called for the United States to better cooperate with China. Whether it is purchasing medical supplies from China or jointly conducting scientific research on viruses and sharing experiences in epidemic prevention, the United States cannot leave China. Kelly McGamsamon, a former senior official in charge of Asia-Pacific affairs at the US Department of Defense, pointed out that the US insists that “competition” will weaken efforts to contain the virus.


Observers point out that the recent talks between the heads of China and the United States are constructive, emphasizing the implementation of the spirit of global cooperation and anti-epidemic to the special summit of G20 leaders. China “believes in words and results in actions.” Recently, a flight from Shanghai, China, with medical supplies has arrived in New York, and more aircraft will transport medical supplies from China in the future. The U.S. leader said, “China sent us a batch of supplies, very good supplies.


China’s implementation of the consensus reached by the leaders of the two countries through practical actions is not only due to the simple original intention of the United States to contain the epidemic at an early date but also based on the friendship between the Chinese people and the American people. As human lives are off, China cannot just watch the American people “pay” for the bad behavior of some American politicians. However, this does not mean that these politicians in the United States can use the goodness and love of the Chinese to attack the ruling party and the Chinese government, provoke Sino-US confrontation, and attempt to achieve their unspeakable goals.


The crazy speech that the Bannons lost humanity and conscience constituted resistance to Sino-US cooperation in fighting the epidemic, and it was the “interference” that the US leaders said must be ruled out. If they are allowed to stir Sino-US friction and confrontation, it will not only hurt the cooperation between the two countries in fighting the epidemic, endanger the lives of the American people, but also, in the long run, will also cause greater uncertainty in Sino-US relations and ultimately harm US self-interest.


For this, American society must have a sober and rational understanding. (International Critics Reviewer)

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