Possible Famine & Unemployment in China By CCPVirus Pandemic


Translator: Eric Khoo

22-Mar: Kazakhstan partially stopped the export of selected agricultural products temporarily. These products are buckwheat, flour, and sunflower cooking oil.

24-Mar: Vietnam stopped the export of all types of rice products by any form or shape.

27-Mar: Russia will limit the quantity of wheat, barley, corn, and other agricultural products as from 01-Apr.

Additionally, an export limit on food products has also been implemented by other countries like Egypt, Serbia, and India.

At the same time, on 31-Mar., the UN has issued a report warning of the danger and risk of food crisis.

However, on 23-Mar., CCP has started to export rice, to the tune of 500 tons, to Africa.

the processing of the import/export of these rice products by the authority

Vietnam is the main source of rice import for CCP. In 2016, 45.8% of CCP’s rice import is from Vietnam and CCP sold high-end rice products like Thai fragrant and Japanese Koshihikari rice with a very inflated price compared to the market.

It has been found that the CCP’s import quota was bleached by up to 65%. The missing tariffs which should be charged are all foot by the everyday Chinese taxpayers. Inside China, the cost of food is much higher than in other countries. CCP argues that this is because of the need to maintain the enthusiasm of the farmers in delivering agriculture products. But, interestingly, the number of farmers appeared to be rising in China, from 2014 of 274 million to 288 million in 2018!

The issue is that if the fluctuations of farmers or farm workers do not control the changes in investment into farming infrastructure, any surplus investment will often end up in the packets of the property developers or landowners. With the continual modernization of cities and gradual loss of farmers and population becoming older, the notion of 1.8 billion “mu red line” is a clear example of a fraudulent idea. Farming now becomes CCP’s way to resale the lands and incited the repeated “fire accidents” which destroyed crops and caused the land to became not suitable for farming!

Clearly, CCP has irresponsibly ruled China and lied on the farming statistics, while continued to pretend that Spring farming is vital and publishes that a successful harvest has been reported. At the same time, the CCP agriculture department warned of disasters from pest disease as well as North Western droughts, Middle-Eastern cold weather and Yangzi River excess rains that may cause flooding. In saying that, the CCP is attempting to put the blame for a future food shortage, similar to the last Gengzi year 300 years ago, as a “natural disaster” (i.e. not CCP’s fault!)

Additionally, from the statistics issued by CCP, the overall spending of imports in the previous 2 months has been reduced by 20%. This showed that CCP is organizing for the speedy disposal of chemical fertilizers, from Suifenhe railway port in Heilongjiang to the Xinsha port in Dongguan, etc. However, the problem is that the spring harvest effort traditionally needs to be conducted at the right time, but with the virus epidemic in full force, the fade publicity campaign will more than likely endanger the availability of food supplies and post a big question to the truth.

At the same time, the increase in the unemployed has caused more people to return from the cities and with them, the risk of infection in the farming communities is significantly higher. It can be seen that, recently, from Guangzhou, Dongguan, Shenzhen, Zhengzhou, Hunan to Liaoning, Shantou, and Renqiu, the tenants protested with cards, rights protecting to taxi strikes, usually sub-leased shops are no more with only empty commercial streets. This caused the downturn in the economy and the cost of living raises significantly. The attempt by CCP to use the “Release water” approach will inevitably create inflation which will also be exacerbated by the food crisis. The result is that CCP will take over the governing of the economy and there will no longer be any privately owned enterprises (companies).

All the crises and disasters are the doings of CCP (thieves). The CCP take over national wealth and failed to address and look after the people of China. Together with the virus epidemic, this irresponsible act will (and may have already) cause an economic crisis for the country, not to mention the food crisis and social crisis.

As seen from history through the dictatorship of the Qing dynasty, such governing body is doom to demise even without external invasions. The food crisis before the 1911 Revolution resulted in millions of people suffer hunger and is the direct outcome of the dictatorship of the Qing dynasty. This is again being repeated by this CCP government, with the same dictatorship ideology.

(The above only represents the author’s personal viewpoints)

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